We’re bbaaaacccckkkkk!!!!

I love coming home from vacation almost as much as I love going on vacation.  It wears me out something fierce!  Especially with 4 kids, 2 dogs and a husband to plan for.

For those that don’t know – we went on a 7 day Carribean cruise.  It was wonderful and eventful, just like everything in my life.  I’ll be writing about our adventures in the days to come, but wanted to give everyone a heads up that I’m going to be doing some maintenance on the site in the next few weeks.  I realized I have the place pretty cluttered up and I need to fix that (noooo….I’m not OCD – we’ve discussed this before!).  If you get email alerts for pages I’ve already posted, I want to apologize for that in advance….I’m still learning about the ins and outs of this site.

I also want to give you a few teasers about what will be coming up in the next several days…..

How the family vacation almost had a tour of the ambulance and hospital system in Belize and Honduras both.


The fact that we’ve just learned today – while driving home – that Jetsam has moved.  The kids were over there less than 14 days ago……

So – stay tuned!!

Off to sleep in my own bed and wake up to a room that’s not swaying……