No, I’m not a Caribou or a Moose or an Elk or any other huge, clumsy, wild animal you may be thinking of that you saw in the wild or in a zoo – however, my life does resemble that.

I’m just your typical woman from semi-wannabe-middle class America. 

What I’m Not:

  • I’m not a Housewife – I do have a full time job, house, husband and occasionally I clean house, cook a meal, and buy groceries. 
  • I’m not a Soccer Mom – although I do have kids.
  • I’m not a Handywoman – But I love my wonderbar (Is it a wonder that anything is left standing after I use it?), power tools and general construction mayhem.
  • I’m not a Financial Genius – that’s my brother’s job and I”m not ashamed to admit it.
  • I’m not a Life Counselor – but I play one every day that I get out of bed.

What I Am:

  • I’m a wife that loves her husband very much and would do almost anything for him.
  • I’m a mother and step-mother to 4 very smart and wonderful kids.
  • I’m a little too opinionated, perfectionistic, and judgemental for my own good.  <<HEY!  I saw that!  Quit laughing – You know I’m not THAT bad!!>>
  • I’m still wondering why Jerry Springer hasn’t called my house yet…..

If you know me, you already know everything above is true.  If you don’t, get ready because I’m going to prove it all!