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Isn’t Halloween Already Over?

It seems that I’m on a blog-posting roll lately.  I’ve had some time (not really – I’m actually hiding in my bedroom from life) and some slightly funny things happening lately.

Take this past weekend for example.  In an effort to get going on my holiday shopping, Dharma and I went out shopping for the day.  Before picking her up, I stopped at Michael’s (a craft store near us that I *think* is nation-wide) to see if they had any homecoming mum supplies on sale.  Turns out they didn’t, but they did have several bins of Halloween items marked down 80%.

Never one to turn down a sale – I checked everything out with a discerning eye towards what would give me the biggest bang for my buck.  And then I spotted them.  Several bags of individually packaged Halloween stickers, each bag holding 12 boxes of 5 stickers each (about the size of an individual sized box of Nerds candy).  Marked down to only 0.50 cents per bag, an item like this was perfect as a give-away in addition to candy for the cute little trick-or-treaters we get every year.

Last year, I scored big on Halloween themed bubble bottles for 0.25 cents per package (there were around 30 bottles per package, so I bought 4 boxes…..ahem….in other words….all they had).  I was afraid they would be dried out after spending the year in our attic, but for a total of $1.00 investment, I was willing to take the chance.  They didn’t seem to suffer any – woohoo!  As I’m giving out candy and bubbles on Halloween night, the kids were more excited about the bubbles than anything else I could have dropped in their bags.

Child after child commented, “Mama!!! LOOK!!!!  She gave me BUBBLES!!!!”  One small child almost refused to leave our porch because all he wanted to do was blow bubbles.  His mom had to promise him that he could blow bubbles as they walked to get him to move.  It was so cute!  The teenagers who came by after the little kids were already home, asked, one after another, “Can I have a bottle of bubbles too?”

Don’t get me wrong, they all took the candy too, but the bubbles were a HUGE hit!

So, with this recent success fresh in my mind, I scooped up 9 bags of stickers (…..ummmm….again….all they had) and headed for the register.  A young man offered to ring my purchases up (and by young, I mean younger than me, but supposedly old enough – I’d guess early 20’s).  As he’s struggling to get the register to ring the price up correctly, he comments on the Halloween stickers and how I had a lot of packages.

I attempted to regale him with my awesome shopping prowess of the year before and how much of a success it was for Halloween this year and I can’t wait to give out the stickers to the kids next year, when he interrupted me:

With a confused look on his face, he commented, “But….I thought…..” (far away look enters his eyes) “didn’t…..Halloween….” (I could see the wheels turning in that mind of his) “wasn’t it……” (smoke was about to pour out of his ears)…….

“Isn’t Halloween already over?” he finally gets out.

Poor kid……



I just wanted to say….

You all are nuts.

You know who I’m talking to.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not talking to you.

Yes, I’m nuts too.  I have come to realize that.

That is all.

I Have A Secret!

Nope, not gonna tell you!!

Nuh-huh….can’t make me!

Neener neener neener!!

I think I’m going to burst!  I’m so excited!!  I have to tell someone!

Nope – I can’t!!  I’ve gotta keep it a secret for a few more days….

GAH!  I think I’m going to explode if I don’t tell someone – anyone!

You can keep a secret right?

Uhhuh….yeah right….I know better…..loose lips sink ships and all that jazz….

This is going to seriously ruin my sleep tonight….

I hope you’re happy!  NOT!


Faults and Confessions

Continuing with my thoughts on blending our families…..what you’ve all been waiting for – my faults and confessions.



Faults….faults….I know I have some around here somewhere…..

Let’s see….I have….umm…..

Shoot!  Where’s Hun when I need him?  He’ll be able to list all of my faults for me without even blinking an eye….

Okay, okay – my faults:

I never think I am wrong and I have a hard time admitting it when I am when it comes to my family.  I can admit fault at work all day long, but admitting that I just royally screwed up to the kids or to Hun – that makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  But, I do it when I realize I am wrong.  I suck it up and make my apologies, even if I dread every word coming out of my mouth.  I have to realize I’m wrong though.  People have to either point out the subtle mistakes to me or the mistake was so egregious and blatant that I cannot ignore it on my own.

Of course, this also means I am passionate about my beliefs.

I am a perfectionist.  Not only do I expect myself and everything I touch to be perfect, I sometimes have a hard time not expecting the same from other people.  Sometimes the perfectionism in me will cause me to freeze up on actions I should be doing – if I can’t do it perfectly – why do it at all?  A certain bathroom remodel comes to mind here…..  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, maybe I’ll blog about it someday – not one of my finer moments – although it will be greatness when it is finally complete!

This means you can also count on me to do a good job at anything I set out to do.

I am judgmental.  I can be judge, jury and executioner without batting an eyelash.  If I feel I have all of the facts in front of me, attempting to change my mind without more facts that I was unaware of will be next to impossible.  Judge Judy is one of my heroes (yes, yes – I know it’s all a show – but I love her no-nonsense way of dealing with the people who present in front of her!).  Changing my mind is possible you just better do a good job of convincing me why it needs to be changed.

I don’t know if being judgmental is a good thing or a bad thing…the jury’s still out.  J

However, one of the biggest things I have struggled with as a step-mom is empathy for the bio-mom in my life – Jetsam.  I look at her life and cannot understand why she is where she is at.  I look at it from an outsider’s perspective and say, “If she’d only do this, that and the other, then her life would be so much better!”  I cannot for the life of me understand why she will not do the things I find so obvious or easy.  Things like the following:

  • Getting a GED.  She dropped out of high school in 10th grade and never went back.  Supposedly, she’s attempted to get her GED recently (within the last 10 years), but failed the course by 2 points or 2 questions – I can’t remember which.  So she gave up and never tried again.  WHAT?!?  If I had failed by 2 points, I’d have my butt right back in the testing chair and doing it again – not giving up and saying, “See!  I told you I couldn’t do it!”  See – lack of empathy to her situation makes me a bad person.
  • Staying in one place.  I totally understand the need to move if/when necessary, but this woman has moved somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-18 times in the last 10 years (I’ve lost count).  On average, she’s moved every 6-8 months.  To me, being stable will mean a stable job, stable home life, and stable family.  For whatever reason, she cannot stay in one place – but blames us for the inability to stay put.  Again – lack of empathy to her situation prevents me from understanding her reasoning.
  • Pulling the “she’s a single mom” card (she still has Flounder living with her full time).  However, she doesn’t receive child support for him – it’s not worth her time to file for it.  Hun and I have begged her to file for support; that it would make her life easier – at least there would be a record on file, even if she never receives a dime.  When she first lost custody of Hun’s kids, she also lost the child support she was receiving.  She tried to file for Flounder at that time, but because of our state laws, the state automatically named Hun as his father.  Since she knows Hun isn’t the father, she never bothered showing up for the hearing, since she didn’t show up, the state closed the case.  Hun was willing to do the paternity testing the state would have required – he was willing to jump through the state’s hoops – he showed up for the hearing.  It wasn’t worth her time to jump through the hoops the state set up to receive support – but it sure isn’t hard for her to blame us for all of her struggles.  There it is again – lack of empathy to her situation hinders me from understanding her motives.

There they are – all of my faults – at least the ones I’m willing to cop to.  All of these faults have hindered me in a step-family and as a step-mom in particular at one time or another.  However, I also contend that they have helped me as well. 

Judge me for yourselves.  Comments on anything that I blog is welcomed – including my faults.

The time of the school year that every kid dreams about – the year is ¾ of the way done, it’s getting warmer outside, it is staying brighter longer, and there are less than 12 weeks of school remaining – kids can taste summer vacation coming.

I love Spring Break as well.  It is a good marking point in the year for me.  Time to buy the kids summer clothes, an end to the winter blahs, and time to start looking at plants and home projects around the house (yeah, yeah, yeah – I should finish what I’ve already started….whatever – I’ll get to those projects eventually!).

This year, I should really LOVE Spring Break – Hun’s kids are at Jetsam’s house, so our house is peaceful for a whole 7 days….

Or so I thought…..

Last night, as Hun and I were trying to go to sleep, the kids that live next door decided that they needed to have a little March Madness of their own.  At approximately 11:15pm, we realized we were hearing the strangest sound and it was just irregular enough to be waking us up from that point of “not quite asleep, but not quite awake either” point.  Looking out the window, three of the neighbor’s kids were outside playing basketball in the street (between our house and theirs).  They hadn’t been playing long, as we had crawled into bed at 10:45pm and they hadn’t been out there before.

Now, I have 2 fans in my bedroom to create both airflow and white noise to help me sleep.  I’m a light sleeper and most things wake me up or keep me awake without some type of noise to drown out the racket.  Hun has sleep apnea – he sleeps with a c-pap machine that also creates a white noise that helps lull me to sleep.  The noise these kids were making was louder than both of the fans and the c-pap machine combined.

Hun and I laid there trying to decide what to do regarding these kids.  On one hand, we knew they were on Spring Break and their parents probably didn’t know they were out there playing basketball that late (maybe….that family might be a post for another day….), one the other hand, both Hun and I had to be up at around 5:30am for work and there was no telling how long they’d be out there.  I finally decided that I would ask them to stop as we were trying to sleep and the noise was just too distracting for me.

Since I was in my robe and pajamas, I didn’t venture too far out of the house, but instead got their attentions by hollering “Hey!”  Once they stopped bouncing the basketball and looked at me, I said, “I realize that it’s Spring Break, but we have to be at work early tomorrow morning, would you mind stopping please?”

Their response made my blood boil!

“So?  We’re only playing basketball.”


“I realize you’re playing basketball, but the noise is keeping me awake.  I need you to stop.”

“We’re only being kids.”

Disrespectful ones at that!!  GRRH!!!

“Yes, and I’m an adult that has to go to work to pay my bills so I can live in this wonderful house and neighborhood – I need to sleep to do these things.  You need to stop.”

“Mumble….mumble…old person…mumble…mumble…yeah, right, WhatEver lady!”

I saw RED!

I’m smart enough to realize that confronting kids like this and the parents that spawned them is not a good idea.  Back inside the house I go….

I called our city’s non-emergency police number and reported them on curfew violations instead (which begins at 11pm on Sunday nights in our town).  Of course, a few minutes later, the kids either wised up or saw the patrol car coming because they headed back inside their own house pretty quickly after I called the police.  A very short time later I saw the spot light of the patrol car grace the front of our house, so I know they at least drove by.

I spent the next hour in bed, tossing and turning and running scenarios in my head about what I’d LIKE to do to the disrespectful little buggers.  And then I’d alternate into the sad, sorry state of my mind and lament the fact that they called me an old person……

I shouldn’t let stuff like that bother me – after all their momma is at least 10 years older than me….and if she’s not, well then, she didn’t age well…..

So much for my peaceful week!

Yesterday, I ran into an old friend.  To say we used to be best friends is an understatement.  We’ve known each other for almost 30 years – she says we knew each other in 1st grade, while I don’t truly remember her until we were in 2nd grade.  Details.

We would call each other on a pretty regular basis – it wasn’t unusual for us to talk 4-5 times per week, sometimes more.  I was supposed to be a bride’s maid at her wedding, but I went temporarily insane during that time frame and wasn’t around to fulfill the duties.  I got my act together enough to make it to her wedding though.  She was my Maid of Honor at both of my weddings.  Our sons are 6 months apart in age.

For reasons I’m not quite sure about, she quit talking to me about 2 years ago.  I remember the exact point in time that I realized she was ignoring my phone calls.  For several weeks, she wouldn’t answer when I called – ok, no biggie, she had just started a new job, so I knew she was busy in all areas of her life.  But then one day, I called her cell phone – it rang a couple of times and half-way into the 3rd ring, it went straight to voicemail.  I had called her phone enough times to know that it never did that…ever.  She had looked at her phone, saw it was me and purposely ignored the call.

Okay, fine, I can deal with that.  She was prone to mood swings that I wouldn’t be able to explain until she filled me in later.  I was used to being treated like that from her.  I decided that I wouldn’t call her again until she called me.  After all, lately I had been the one to always call her.  Maybe I was being too clingy.  Maybe I needed to give her space.

Or, maybe I had pissed her off again with some obscure comment that I had made that I hadn’t even realized would insult her.  I did that once – right after my son was born, her son was already 6 months old.  We were talking and she commented to me that she thought she might be pregnant.  Her husband had been in the Navy at that point and had only been home about a month from a prolonged tour at sea.  I commented that lots of women thought that after just getting back with their husbands – was she sure?  She dropped the subject and never mentioned it again.  At the time, I figured it had just been a false alarm.  Turned out, she was pregnant and had a miscarriage within the month.  She never told me.

She told me 7 YEARS later that my comment had pissed her off and she never wanted to share with me that she was pregnant ever again.  That she had been pregnant many times over that 7 year period, but had always had a miscarriage and that she had been lucky to give birth to her son.  I was beyond shocked that she held onto that anger for so long.  As far as I could tell, our friendship had never been strained, so I just couldn’t figure out why she decided to tell me that after all those years.  Another 5 years passed of us hanging out and being friends.

So, when she decided to cut contact with me, I convinced myself that it must be for a similar reason.  I was upset at the loss of a friend, in my mind, a very good friend.  But I held to my decision not to call her until she was ready to call me.  It took almost 4 months, but she finally texted me about going out to lunch.  I was ready!  I couldn’t wait to see my friend again! 

She never showed up.

No excuse, no follow up text, no nothing.

3 months later, there was another text, another promise to meet for lunch.  Again, she never showed.

About a year ago, I heard through the grapevine that she was pregnant again, but that she specifically didn’t want me to know.  I was crushed that she thought that way and was aware enough to tell the person that told me that she didn’t want ME to know.  The person that told me was her own mom – she couldn’t figure out why she didn’t want me to know either – we had been such great friends for so long.  What happened?  I couldn’t answer that…..I still can’t.

We still live in the same area we did before.  It was only a matter of time before we would run into each other.  Last night, that’s what happened.  She had her new baby boy with her (cute as a button I might add!) and we chatted for a few minutes.  She didn’t ask me if I wanted to hold her son and I didn’t ask her if I could.  Our friendship isn’t the same anymore and I wouldn’t have asked that of someone I barely know.  I feel like we’re at that point with each other…..I barely know her now.

She is keeping up with my family though through Facebook, so she knows what’s going on in our lives.  It makes me wonder if she wants to start the friendship back up again.  I also think she wants me to be the one to make amends.  Based on our history together from my point of view, I don’t think I can do that.  What she doesn’t realize is that she has said things to me that have upset me greatly over the years.  I never said anything to her simply because I didn’t want angry words spoken between us. 

I’m sad that the friendship has reached this point.  But with distance, clarity had been added.  I’m seeing issues I kept my mouth shut about in a different light.  I’m no longer trying to figure out what game I’m playing with her.  Or what comment I might say today will keep her pissed off for years to come.

I wish our friendship had never devolved to this point.  But, I don’t feel as though I can change it either… or should.  She will have to make that choice.

I am thankful for Hun – yes he irritates the crap out of me more often than I like, but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

I am thankful for LaLa – she reminds me so much of myself at her age.  I hope I’m able to help her navigate the oddness called the teenage years with just a little bit of wisdom.  Whatever she turns out to be in the future – I hope she takes a path that includes writing….she’s way better than I ever thought of being at her age.

I am thankful for Buddy – he brings joy and frustration to my life in odd ways, but never ceases to amaze me with his unique view on life.

I am thankful for Rowdy – he’s taught me that I would have made an equally good lawyer as he’s going to be (if he wants to that is) with his twists and turns in logic.  He’s taught me to look at life from a different perspective and I appreciate it.

I am thankful for Monkey – she brings energy to daily life that wouldn’t exist without her.  She’s growing up to be an awesome person (no, really, she is…..), and will be one day if we’d just get out of her way and stop holding her back.

I am thankful for all of my friends – they have taught me this last year that I need my girlfriends and I need time to myself to recharge.  If it weren’t for them, I might have ended up in the psych-ward long before now….

I am thankful for Flotsam and Jetsam – there are days I wish they would just fall off the face of the earth, but if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have the family I currently have.  As much as they irritate me, I’m still thankful Flotsam gave me an awesome son and Jetsam produced three beautiful kids.  Now….if only postage to Siberia was a little cheaper…..

I am thankful for the roof over my head – even if I’m not very thankful for the work required underneath said roof.  I mean, come on!!  It shouldn’t be taking me 3 months just to paint a bathroom or the foundation to be going wonky again when we just had it fixed!!

I am thankful for my job and Hun’s job – now, where’s that lottery ticket…..

I am thankful for you, dear readers, because without you, all of these “experiences” would be rattling around in my head.  It’s much more helpful for me to clean it all out.  It was starting to get crowded up there!!  Hun is thankful for you as well – he was tired of listening to me…..

And last but not least I’m very thankful that vacation is only 17 days away at this point….

Have you ever said something and instantly thought…..Uh Oh!  Shouldn’t have said that!?!

I did that (again) earlier in the week.  I’ve been thinking about the possible consequences and ramifications ever since…..

Before now, when posting to this blog, I had to fight the crowd of 4 kids and 1 Hun for the computer.  Or, I had to secretly post from work when my boss wasn’t looking.  She didn’t care for the most part, but it did bother me (just a little).  So, posting for me usually happened sporadically at my house, after the kids went to bed or when the majority of them were at Jetsam’s house for the weekend.  Since getting the new laptop, I’m much freer with my movement and when I can access the internet.

Up until now, I have not shared with the kids that I write a blog.  For one, I don’t want Flotsam or Jetsam to know about the blog.  Anything the kids know about, Flotsam and Jetsam know about it too because the kids just cannot keep their mouths shut about things like this.  Also, the kids being kids might not understand the humor and point of view I have on their lives.  Hun knows that I write about them, reads my work and has no problem with what I’m saying, but that still doesn’t mean I want 4 cranky kids complaining about my nicknames for them or that they don’t understand sarcasm.  So….

Sitting on the couch, typing away on a word document for my latest installment, Rowdy happens to ask me what I’m doing.  Hun always asks me the same thing, in the exact same tone of voice, and I always respond the same way – writing a blog post (duh!).

Uh Oh!!

Crap!  (Did that just come out of my mouth?)

Rowdy instantly perked up at the same time LaLa was walking into the room.  Simultaneously, they both commented, “You have a blog?”  I believe in telling the kids the truth in most instances (although, I also believe what they don’t know won’t hurt me), so I didn’t shy away and told them yes.  I was barraged with questions like:

“What’s it about?” – It’s about my life.

“Are we in it?” – Yes

“Can we read it?” – No

“Why not?” – Because you don’t need to at this point.

“Well, if we can’t read it, you can’t write about us!” – Tough, you’re supporting cast members.

“That’s not fair!!  We want to read it!” – Too bad.

“Are you ever going to let us read it?” – Maybe…..after Monkey turns 18 (in 7 years).

“You should let us read it anyway.” – Nope, not gonna happen.

“Do other people read it?” – Yep, lots of people

“Who?” – Some family members and the general public.

“WHAT!?!  Seriously?  Which family members?” – Well, several, and no, I’m not telling you who.  You should be able to figure it out on your own….after all, they didn’t start calling you LaLa for nothing you know.

“ARGH!!  You told them my nick-name?!?” – It’s not like they didn’t already know it.  (I received a huge eye-roll from this part of the conversation.)

And on and on the conversation went for about another 10 minutes.

At odd points in the last several days, I’ll be ambushed with the same conversation – whether I’m on the computer or not.  The kids cannot handle knowing about something and then not having access to the information – kind of like looking at the Christmas presents under the tree and having to wait to open them…..they bug us for days begging to open just one….please!?!

Now the secret is out.  And the kids are at Jetsam’s house this weekend – which means, she now knows about it as well – probably.

If the pattern with her stays as it usually does, Jetsam won’t say a word to me or Hun about it at all.  After all, she’s scared of me remember?  But…..

Her mom, let’s call her Cruella, is coming into the state this week for Thanksgiving.  Cruella THINKS she is so smart.  Cruella thinks she can control situations – when the reality is she is a crazy nutcase that we allow to believe she has won an argument simply so we can get away from her.  The last time I was in her presence, she threatened to sue both Hun and I into oblivion if we didn’t do exactly what they were insisting we do because I had the gall to say that Jetsam was overreacting to a situation.  (Jetsam had stated a nasal medication we were giving to Rowdy – for several months before this particular confrontation during which time she never spoke of having an issue with anything I might add – was being sprayed directly onto his brain and was giving him seizures – ummm…yeah….okay…..there is so much wrong with that statement I don’t even know where to begin…..)

Jetsam will not confront me on her own about this, she will wait until she has the backing and support of her momma behind her. It will not surprise me in the least if I get a phone call or a summons to present front and center (yeah right!  Like that’s going to happen!) to Cruella so she can fight Jetsam’s battles with me for her.  I’m prepared this time.  I’m not going to be ambushed like I was last time.  I have it all planned out in my head what I am going to say.  Let’s hope the confrontation (if there is one) plays out like I think it will.

If it does, you, dear readers, will have a field day of my misery – I’m sure of it!!

Walking into my new office on the first day of my new job, I was met with a huge welcome…..


And the news that I’d be on my own for an undetermined amount of time 15 minutes after walking in the door….






I’d like to say I lived up to my evilness and spread all sort of mayhem…but alas, I was my meek and mild alter-ego instead.

I did dig through the cupboards in the kitchenette area – it needs some help, like, a LOT of help.  Mom just thinks my pantry at home is a mess – it ain’t got nothing over this little area.

I also found the secret stash of Blue Bell ice cream pints hidden away in the freezer….good thing Hun doesn’t work there – those would have been gone before the end of the day.

I discovered the storage area needs someone with organizational skills because the file/copy room looks like Staples exploded in there.

There are plants all over the office area with yellowed, drooping leaves and vases without any water but full of ivy roots and cuttings.

I’m sure if I search hard enough, I’ll find a colony of dust bunnies pro-creating underneath the conference table.  Maybe I should inter-mix my colony from home so we can dilute the gene pool somewhat……

I have my work cut out for me and I’ve only been in the office 8 hours.

Of course, the irony that I got a substantial raise to come to this department and I spent the better part of the day scanning documents into the computer and cleaning out file folders (tasks usually reserved for interns and other peons) didn’t escape me either.

The *very* few phone calls I fielded left at least one caller frustrated beyond belief – a fact that my iron trap of a mind didn’t miss with the huge SIGH that greeted my attempt to transfer them to the person that could help them.

My “orientation” to the department was sprinkled with more comments of “You probably know more about this subject than I do” when my new boss was going over all of the legalese required by HR than actual learning on my part.

At least the few people I did talk to as they walked into the office actually knew who I was and was excited I was there.  The one person started jabbering away about everything *we* were going to talk about to change a portion of my job and talking like I knew exactly what he was talking about.  Great!  I don’t even know what my job is exactly and already it’s going to be changed.

I’m sure there is much more to the job than I’m currently not seeing, but right now I’m not sure if I can handle all of the excitement!

Friday was my last day in the department that has given me my current career direction.  My desk is empty, the emails have all been cleared out and good-byes have been said.  It feels weird – again – to think about walking into the building and going to a new location.  I hope I remember where I’m going!

The last two weeks have also be the most stressful I have ever dealt with at work.  I have left the department before; multiple times for other opportunities (what can I say?  I’m the sucker that kept coming back), but this time was different.  There was anxiety oozing off of everyone, and the resentment is/was thick.  I also sensed jealousy that I got out with bigger and better offers while the others didn’t.

For two weeks, I have been attempting to teach my replacement everything I have learned over the last 17 years.  It’s an impossible feat and she’s feeling the pressure of filling my shoes.  No amount of reassurance from me that she’ll be fine has helped her anxiety.  The un-fair pressure she’s been experiencing from others in the business has me convinced more than ever that the department is going to be disbanded, and soon.  She senses it as well and wonders if her job will be safe.  I don’t blame her – I see what she sees and more.

For two weeks, I have also been attempting to help my other co-worker, the one that has been cruising along in her job for over 18 years.  This is the one that has been protected by our boss from changes, new procedures and growing to be a better employee for well over 15 years.  Things she should have learned how to do years ago, she doesn’t remember how to do or never learned.  She’s stressed and pissed that she’s suddenly being expected to know everything – with little to no advanced training by anyone.

I get why she’s mad, and I hold myself partially responsible for her lack of training.  I should have been forcing her to do some of the things she would always pass off to me because she didn’t know how to do it.  Instead, I took the work and just did it myself because it was easier rather than spending the time to make her learn the process.  Hind-sight it 20/20 and I don’t take full responsibility for this, but I do feel guilty anyway.

Although, I don’t know why I should feel guilty – I’ve attempted to show her more things.  These last two weeks have really highlighted the struggles I have had with this coworker over the years with glaring clarity.  One morning, I glanced at her (she was reading a book) and I commented that once I was done with X project in 5 minutes, I needed to show her how to do Z task.  She immediately closed her book and stated, “I forgot, I have to do Y work.  Once I finish that, you can show me how to do Z.”  Two days later, she was still working on Y and hadn’t finished every time I asked her about showing her Z task.  I’m “officially” no longer in the department and she still hasn’t been shown how to do Z task that she will be expected to know Monday morning.

The grapevine at my work is alive and well also.  The buzz from areas that shouldn’t have any advance heads-up is the department is in its final days.  My (now former) boss is living in the Land of Denial and refuses to believe anything is wrong.  She’s choosing to believe her boss (my mentor – one of the vice presidents of the company) that all is well.  She’s conveniently ignoring the fact that my mentor (a vice president) was in the dark as well when the major bru-ha-ha came down a year ago that affected another one of her (the vice president’s) direct reports.  Just more reason to believe the department is finally going away after all of the years.  I don’t think I’ll be going back to this department any time soon, if ever.

Add to all of this stress the fact that I haven’t had one day of training for my new position that begins this week and it’s no wonder I can’t wait until vacation gets here.