I guess I should introduce you to some of the characters* in my life.  Yes, they really are characters.  In no particular order:

Hon:  My husband – he’s a great guy in every way.  What can I say?  He was smart enough to marry me wasn’t he?  This is our second marriage for both of us.  Okay….never mind, scratch that – he was only smart in marrying me, not the ex.

LaLa:  My oldest step-daughter who is 15 – her nickname since before I knew her.  She’s a teenager now and hates the nick and roles her eyes every.single.time she hears it.  Let me tell you though, she is one smart cookie and I can’t wait to see what she grows up to be.

Buddy:  My bio-son who is 14.  He’s…..different…..unique…..special…..and he knows it.  He looks at life in a way most adults can’t see it.  He’s the most oddest child I’ve ever known.  I’m his mother, I can say that, and I love him more than life itself.

Rowdy:  My step-son who is 13.  He’s like the charging bull in a china shop.  He’s fine as long as he has direction – let him lose focus and he’s bouncing off the walls.  This child will argue your head off if you’ll let him – he’ll make a great lawyer someday.

Monkey:  My youngest step-daughter who is 10 going on 20.  Anything big sister can do, she can do too only better.  She’s a leader, not a follower and can talk most of her friends into doing what she wants – not always a good thing.  I call her Monkey because you never know what she’s going to come up with next and she loves being the center of attention.

Gomer and Honey:  Our fur-babies, puppies, dogs, shedding machines, Princess, Dummy, Attention Whore, Tub-o-Lard, whatever the adjective of the day happens to be – they are it.  Two yappy dogs that love me almost as much as they love eating their own poop (okay – to be fair, only Gomer does that…hence the name Dummy).  They’ll defend their territory to the death – as long as you’re on the side walk – as soon as you walk in the yard, you’re a friend that’s just waiting to pet them.  Seriously…..I need to work on training them better than that.

Flotsam:  My ex-husband.

Jetsam:  My husband’s ex-wife.

The Wikipedia definition of Flotsam and Jetsam:  Flotsam is floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo. Jetsam is part of a ship, its equipment, or its cargo that is purposefully cast overboard or jettisoned to lighten the load in time of distress and that sinks or is washed ashore.

I think the definition sums them up nicely.

There are many other characters that come in and out of my life repeatedly, but would take up too much space to name here.  I’ll just introduce them as they make their appearances in the course of life.  If I didn’t mention you – consider yourself lucky – I didn’t have to come up with a nick-name for you……yet.

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent in my life.