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While everything in my previous post was happening, I also had a couple of more things going on in my head and mind.

My mind is always a constant whirlwind of thought and ideas and schemes.  Analyzing, considering, rearranging and running through scenarios of what could, should, might happen if XYZ or ABC happens instead.  I see patterns and trends and can intuit things before most others even hint that the event may happen.

Because of everything going on in my mind, sometimes it’s hard for me to step back and allow myself time for just me.  I can see the patterns in everyone else, but reflecting on my own joys and desires is difficult.  It feels selfish, even though I know logically it is not.

So, I have considered and finally agreed to join a mastermind group.

My understanding of the group is that it is for personal growth and accountability through sharing ideas, hopes, dreams and struggles.  As I have never done anything like this before, I am excited and a little nervous to hear back on whether I have been accepted or not into the group.  Stay tuned for more info!

I’ve also been considering what I could do for Rowdy for his birthday coming up.

He will be 19 and is still living with his mom, Jetsam.  He’s been through several jobs, none of them long-term, and still does not have a driver’s license or vehicle.  He has to rely on Jetsam, LaLa or friends to give him rides to work and this has partially played a role in his work history.

I sent him a text asking if we could talk.  He responded and we figured out a time frame that would work for both of us.  I picked him up on my way home from work and we talked while I was making dinner.  We actually laughed and joked through several things and while not completely relaxed, it seemed comfortable to me.

We talked about what he wanted for his birthday – and he was quick to point out that he “wanted” a lot of things, but that he “needed” a driver’s license, a vehicle and a job.  I was proud of him for making that distinction on his own!  I pointed out that while his dad and I probably couldn’t buy him a vehicle, there may be other things we could do to help him out.

We did a little research and found out due to his age that he could do online driver’s education course for only $50.00 and about 6 hours of coursework.  He could then qualify for his permit and/or go straight to the driving test and hopefully pass and get his license.  I offered to pay for the course and allow him to use our computer at any point to work on and finish the course.  He seemed thankful for the offer and stated he would let me know when his schedule was open for working on the course as he already had several prior commitments.

We talked about many things that night.  One of the things Rowdy mentioned was that he was a “dumb know-it-all teenager who wouldn’t have listened to our concerns, even if we had expressed it in a way he would have understood.”  I had to bite my tongue to not comment that he was still a “teenager”.  It wasn’t what he was trying to convey in that moment.

I heard something entirely different.  It was the closest I have ever heard him come to an apology for how he treated us when he lived with us before.  I will probably never hear an actual apology from him for how he disrespected me through the years.  Hearing a true apology will probably make me cry.  At this point, I don’t need to hear one to be honest.

Watching and listening to him mature, speaking about things that I know he learned from us, is all that I need or want from him.  It is all I ever wanted from any of the kids.  To know they will be able to take care of themselves as adults and be safe.

I’m so proud of Rowdy!


An Open Offer

Dear Rowdy,

Happy 18th birthday!

I wish you every success for this next year and for every year after.

To help you with your success, I would like to offer you a gift – a gift that will keep on giving to you, long after you read this letter.

I would like to pay for you to take the GED test.  It does not matter the cost, the day you say, “this is the testing date I am attending”, I will pay the cost of that test for you.

I know you can pass the test RIGHT NOW.  I am so confident in your ability, that if you say the testing date is tomorrow, I will pay for you to take it, no questions asked.

You may have doubts about your own abilities.  I do not.

You may ask – what if I fail?

So what if you do?  What is the worst thing that will happen?

The worst thing that will happen is you still do not have a certificate that employers’ want that shows you are capable.  You are no worse off than you are right now.  However, you will be slightly ahead!  You will then know what subjects you need to focus on to pass the test the next time you take it.  You will have a better understanding of what to expect.  You will be prepared and the next time, you will succeed!

…..I don’t believe you will need a “next time”.

All you need is the faith in yourself, the same faith I have in you, to take the plunge and take the test.

Despite everything that we have gone through, I believe in you.  I care about your future.  I want you to succeed.  I want you to be happy.  I want you to be able to follow all of your dreams.

I care about you and I love you.

Forty Years

This year brought many changes to my life.

I sometimes wonder if this year marks my mid-life crisis.

I turned 40 this year and as you can see from the last couple of posts, a lot of changes have happened to me and my life this year.

One day I saw the beginning of a “new” trend – white tattoos.  I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for years….but nothing spoke to me; until I saw the first picture of a white tattoo.  The look is perfect for me – simple, elegant, understated, yet powerful.

I have no desire to “stand out”.  I have no reason to “make a statement”.  I don’t like following the crowd.  I do things for me and I don’t really care if someone else agrees with me or not.  It isn’t their life, it is mine.

I finally decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo.

So I researched the white tattoo trend and the potential drawbacks.  I found many articles such as this one.  I accepted and understood the risks and started looking for a design, shop and artist whom I was willing to sacrifice my virgin body to.

I found the inspiration for my tattoo quickly.  It spoke to me deeply and reaffirmed that it was time:


Next was to find a shop.  The first shop I stopped in, I asked their opinion on white tattoos.  Their response was, “You don’t want one of those.”  When I asked why, they could only give me superficial answers, answers similar to the negative articles on why a white tattoo isn’t for everyone.  I immediately looked for another shop – after all, if your first response was that I didn’t want what I wanted, then I didn’t want you to do it.

I found similar responses at other shops.

And then I walked into Heart N Soul Tattoo in Lake Worth, Texas and met Cherry.  I asked her if she was familiar with white tattoos.  Her first question was, “Are you aware of the risks with a white tattoo?”  I rattled off what I had learned.  She stated simply, “You’ve researched this.  Do you want to see my work?”  When I said yes, she flipped a photo book open to a page filled with her white tattoo creations.

I made an appointment and I now proudly display this:

tattoo 1

Stay tuned to see what greatness I am launched into next!

One Year

What a difference a year makes.  One year ago, Monkey entered into Junior High and thus began the hardest school year I have ever personally been involved with.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, Monkey continuously bucked all authority and insisted that she run the show.  She spent almost the entire year grounded in one form or another.

It started before school even began.  She insisted that only certain clothes were good enough and threw massive fits when she didn’t get her way.  She decided her world had already ended at 6th grade for lack of owning a single “acceptable” article of clothing.  Life was not worth living when Hun and I declared that she needed to hold off on wearing full face makeup – lip gloss just wasn’t enough in her mind.

At barely 12 years old, she decided that staying out late and hanging out with her “boyfriend” behind the school, kissing, was what “mature” kids did.  She bristled with indignation at the suggestion that she was projecting the wrong image and the other kids would label her with not-so-nice names if she continued.  She was PROUD of her accomplishments and had no problem flaunting them to whoever would listen.

She continued to push the limits – stealing, lying, and disrupting classes.  She was suspended, once, twice, and the final time – for slapping another kid – IN THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE – for daring to laugh at her.  The principal had our work and cell numbers on speed dial it seemed.  He’d gone through all of this before with us with Rowdy, so he knew we were doing what we could on our end and supporting his position of imposing stricter and stricter punishments.

We saw the writing on the wall pretty quickly and decided to put Monkey in counseling at mid-year.  By the end of the school year in May, Hun and I wondered if the money we were spending was worth it as the attitude from Monkey didn’t seem to change any.

And then…..

August arrived.

Back to school shopping was just beginning in our household when Monkey sat down across from me at the dining room table.  She commented, “I’m not going to worry about having ‘certain’ clothes.  I’m learning that if my friends only like me for the kind of clothes I’m wearing, then they’re really not my friends at all.”

Knock me over with a feather!  I was almost speechless, but recovered enough to say, “You’re right, those aren’t very good friends if they’re only worried about clothes.”

A few days later, we were sitting at the same table and another conversation came up between us regarding make-up.  I started out explaining that I wanted her to hold off one more year regarding full make-up because her body was still adjusting to new hormones and she was going into Athletics which was going to have her sweating even more than regular gym class.  We had a calm, civil conversation about what happens when kids pile the make-up on and how it can cause more acne and other skin issues.  Monkey was disappointed initially, but stated she understood my reasoning and said she hadn’t thought about the things I was bringing up.  She brightened up considerably when I told her that I did think she was ready to add mascara to the mix, along with the lip gloss.

In the same conversation, I pushed my luck and we talked about her Facebook page.  She set one up last year behind our backs after we expressly told her she hadn’t earned the privilege due to getting in so much trouble and then hiding and lying about it later.  I asked her if she thought she had earned the privilege to have access to her page when she turns 13, three weeks after school starts.

Again, I was shocked at her response, “No, I haven’t earned it.  I was misbehaving almost the entire school year last year, including lying about the account.”

I agreed with her assessment and offered her an opportunity.  I suggested that she show us she has changed at school and we’d reactivate her account at the first 6 week mark if she didn’t get in trouble for the entire 6 weeks.  She agreed that my suggestion was reasonable and she’d do her best not to get in trouble.

When we finally went school clothes shopping, we were able to get some really great deals at a “cool” store that hadn’t even been on Monkey’s radar last year.  When we got home from our day long shopping spree and started to spread the loot out, Monkey excitedly told me that clothes we had bought at different stores matched perfectly with other items without her knowing it.  I just nodded excitedly with her (I’m a mom after all…..I was watching what she was buying!).

And then……..and then…..something happened that has never happened before…..

Monkey offered to model her outfits for me and show me what she planned on wearing on the first day of school.  I was treated to a fashion show a la Risky Business (with cloths of course!):

Outfit after outfit, Monkey excitedly modeled her picks for the first week of school.

Tomorrow, September 20th, is Monkey’s 13th birthday.

What a difference a year makes!

No ATM Fees!

I love cupcakes.

They are like little bites of heavenly sweet goodness.

So yummy.  So satisfying.  So drool-worthy.

So darn time-consuming to make!

Seriously!  There’s a reason I don’t make cupcakes.  They’re a pain in the butt to create.  Of course, I’m also the one who hates to make cookies because it’s just so tedious to drop spoonfuls of batter onto the cookie sheet.  It’s much, much easier to just make bar cookies – slap that batter into the pan and just bake away.  No worries of burning multiple batches of cookies, no worries of heating up the house for hours at a time, no worries that the first batch of cookies will be gone before the second even has a chance to be baked!

So – back to cupcakes – how do I get my cupcake fix on?  I buy them of course.  I’m also an El Cheap-o.  Normally, if I want to shower my family with cupcakes, they come off the discount rack at the grocery store.  Two dozen cupcakes for $5?  Sign me up!  So what if the poor little things look like they were punted from one end of the store to the other – they’ll still taste the same!

All of that said – when there is truly a special occasion to celebrate, I actually go all out and spring for the really good cupcakes – the ones that cost $2 each.  At that cost, the celebration better be for a good reason!  This weekend was a special celebration – I’m going to be an Aunt!  That’s right – Greg and Dharma have a little bun in the oven and it was time to shower the baby with gifts (it’s a girl by the way….my very first niece – she’s going to be spoiled by her Aunt!).

So, I brought cupcakes!


This celebration is just in time for a brand new invention – the Cupcake ATM!  Now, I can get my cupcake fix on at 3am!  No joke!  At $4 per cupcake, they’re a little pricey, but how can you put a price on something so yummy?  Especially since there are no hidden ATM fees!

If only the ATM was closer to my house.  {sigh}  It’s the details that always spoil my best laid plans.

Courtesy of http://www.WFAA.com                                  24 Hours-A-Day Frosting Fix!

One last detail – Congratulations Dharma and Greg on your little lentil!

I lied….

The last last little detail – today is my 2 year anniversary of blogging.  My how time flies!  Thank you for continuing this wild ride I’m on!

May You Live In Interesting Times

I’ve been cursed.

No….really….I have!

My counselor, Dr. B, has cursed me.  He informed me that I “live in interesting times”.  He tried to tell me that it was an old Chinese curse, but I Googled it and found out the truth here if anyone is interested in the history of this saying.

When he first told me the saying, I misunderstood him and thought he said it could either be a blessing or a curse, so I was trying to be positive and call it a blessing to those I told about it.  He informed me at our next appointment that I was wrong.  So much for being positive.

He also told me about how the Chinese symbol for “crisis” or “chaos” can also mean “opportunity”, that its meaning is something along the lines of “out of chaos comes opportunity”.  Or, at least, that’s how I heard it when he tried to tell me the story.  I went home from that appointment excited about the possibility that I had finally found something that I would actually consider tattooing on myself.

You see, I have no tattoos.  Not that it really matters, but a lot of my friends have at least one, usually multiples, and I often find myself wondering why it appeals to them.  They all have different reasons, but I’ve been pretty steadfast in the belief that nothing is going on my body permanently unless it holds great significance for me.  Something about how “out of chaos comes opportunity” really appealed to me and got me to the point of actually wanting to go through with it.

This is a HUGE deal for me.  Heck – I won’t even put stickers on my car because I can’t commit to the thought of them being there long term.  And let’s face it – if I put a sticker on my car – it’s going to be there until it peels off or I sell the car because who has time to always be changing stickers on their car?

So – I Googled the crisis/chaos equals opportunity symbols in Chinese to make sure I had the right symbols and found this link.  Yep, the story he told me about the characters is also false.

{sigh}  So much for my awesome tattoo idea.

I’m beginning to believe that my counselor isn’t really big on research.  It’s a good thing I like him.

Back to living in interesting times.  You see, I started this blog to have a record of my life as it seemed like I was always dealing with one crisis or another.  I figured I really needed to be journaling about it, because you never know when you’re going to need to remember details.  I’ve been involved with enough courts over the last 7 years to know that it can be important!

I think that most who read my blog can agree – my life is certainly interesting!

Okay – maybe it’s not really interesting to the vast majority of people out there, but it is certainly keeping me on my toes!

I still believe that leading an interesting life can either be a blessing or a curse – depending on how you look at the world around you at any given moment.  Take our local 4th of July celebration Hun, Buddy and I attended.  It was packed with a lot of people – I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 100,000 plus people there.

The celebration was awe-inspiring – I love fireworks!  There was even a short intermission in the show while the fire department put out the multiple fires that the shells had set off.  The fires were close enough to the remaining un-fired shells to have the show organizers concerned about safety.  We didn’t have anything as exciting as the chaos in California, but it was concerning enough for me to give Buddy a short talk about what to do if something DID happen, people panicked and where we would meet up if there was a stampede and we were separated.  I’m glad we had that little talk because when we got home from the show, that’s when we were already seeing images of the firework-show-gone-bad on the news.

***Little known fact – I attended a regional gathering of pyrotechnic geeks many years ago and I gained a huge appreciation for the power behind fireworks.  I’ll never forget the lead tech answering the question about will the show go on if it’s still raining (there was a heavy mist that day).  He said they would fire the shells off through the tarp, no problem, and went on to tell the story about how they tested 10” shells with various materials.  He stated that a 10” firework shell (standard size for the professional shows) would burn through a plywood sheet that was ½” thick and still rise high enough to explode at its proper altitude without slowing down.  That’s some serious fire power there.***

So – even in common events, it seems like I cannot lead a boring life.  Since my counselor is wrong, I’m still trying to take the angle of it being a blessing though.

After all – if it wasn’t a blessing to lead an interesting life, I wouldn’t have posted the following on my Facebook wall:

“Never in a million years would I have ever thought I’d be giving thanks for a flash light app in a port-a-potty!”

Stand Falling Still

A few weekends ago, I spent a weekend away with my Divas.  The Divas are my group of girl-friends who have self-proclaimed ourselves to be…well…Divas.  Some of us started out as family, some as friends, some as neighbors, and some as co-workers – we are all Sisters in this life.

To look at us, it’s unlikely we would be friends to the outside world.  We have a sweetheart, a redneck, an ordained preacher, the girl-next-door, the wife of an ex-husband, and an evil step-mom just to name a few.  I’ll let you figure out which one I am on your own.  We are single, married, divorced, and some of us have been all of those things at some point or another, sometimes all at the same time (that one is a complicated story!).  Some of us have known each other for years, some for a very short time.

When we get together, there have been as few as 2 of us and as many as 17.  We have monthly dinners, yearly camping trips and parties throughout the year.  No matter what the occasion – we bring the party with us.  Whether it is a birthday, Scentsy or pity party, we love getting together and love each other.

Come as you are – we’ll accept you into our world and call you Diva too.

When life starts becoming too life-like, we’re there for each other.  Our camping weekend was one of those times.  A time to relax, laugh, drink, and be our silly selves.  No men, no kids, no work – just fresh air, a warm campfire and the girls.

One of the Divas, Sara, was retelling a story about how much of a klutz she is and commented that she can stand falling still.  While we cracked up laughing, she sat there with the most confused look on her face, repeating – what’s so funny about standing falling still?  It took her a moment to realize her mistake.  I told everyone that it was going to be one of my next blog post titles – I didn’t know at the time how appropriate it would be.

Ever since that moment, I’ve been thinking about what it means to stand falling still.  I think about comma placement and emphasis (yes, I have nerd tendencies too…..):

Stand, falling still

Stand falling, still

Stand, falling, still

I’m all of these things right now.  My life is chaos and there is no end in sight.  Kids asserting their independence, school schedules that are all over the place – pulling us in four different directions at once, my job asking for more and more commitment (not necessarily a bad thing, but has me scared to death), Hun wanting confirmation that our marriage is strong and we’ll weather the storms together.

And so life marches on, and on, and on, and on.

What does “stand falling still” mean for you?

Ursula Is No More.

Today has been a very odd day.

I started out waking up at 6am in a panic over work related issues.  Things I can’t do anything about as I’m simply not trained properly on these things and I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions while still being asked to do the job.  I briefly considered getting up and going into work to try and “catch up” on work I’m not sure I can accomplish on a weekend.  I decided instead to go back to sleep.

I woke up to Hun telling me he was going fishing and would be back later.  Time – unknown.

I then went back to sleep and had weird dreams that can only indicate stress and/or uncertainty in life.  Dreams of shattering glass, run-away electric pianos, and 5th wheel RV trailers that magically follow a person home like a little lost puppy….wake up to find out it’s 10am, I’m stiff all over and daylight is burning.

Stumble to the kitchen, pour something to drink and try to get a bearing on life.  Plans of cleaning out the Suburban, scrubbing its carpets and wiping down the windows (we have an ice cream smear on one of the windows that make it hard to see through – dog nose prints on the others) are high on the To-Do List, but the motivation just isn’t there.

Instead, I helped La-La to assemble her mum for Homecoming in a few weeks.  It looks great, even if it’s not finished, and she’ll be proud to wear it when the time comes.  Monkey was still bugging me about receiving her birthday gifts we had yet to give her – her birthday was on Thursday, but our schedules have not cooperated.  I pointed out to her that Hun and Rowdy were both gone and wouldn’t she like to wait until they’re back before she opens anything?  She grudgingly agreed and instead went off to pout.

The phone rang and it turned out to be Flotsam, who wanted to speak with Buddy.  Overhearing parts of the conversation left me confused, until Buddy handed the phone to me – it seems Ursula (Flotsam’s wife) passed away at some point in the night.  Flotsam was calling to ask that Buddy be allowed to come to his house for visitation, today.  Buddy hasn’t been to Flotsam’s house in almost 5 years, so this is an unusual request.

The reasons for Ursula’s passing are not immediately apparent.  Answers won’t be available for at least 2 months according to Flotsam.  He hinted at a possible heart attack and then hinted at a possible drug overdose – either explanation are likely causes….so why was I immediately suspicious of something else, something more sinister?  No reason that I can explain rationally.  No reason that makes sense.  No reason to deny Flotsam’s seemingly innocent request – so why is my gut reaction screaming at me to just say no?

If it had been anyone else who had called me to tell me a very close loved one had just passed away, I would have been out the door before I had hung up the phone.  Why would I hesitate with Flotsam?  I can’t explain why – even Buddy doesn’t understand my reasoning and he’s dealt with his father as much as I have.  I’m so conflicted within my own mind about why I feel the way I feel.  Just the thought of allowing Buddy to enter Flotsam’s house fills me with dread and foreboding.

For better or worse, I followed my gut feelings and didn’t take Buddy over there.  I will make sure Buddy attends any Memorial Service they might have for Ursula, but only if it is at a neutral location.  For the foreseeable future, Flotsam’s house will remain off-limits to Buddy.

What a weird day…..  Please don’t let this be the start of an equally weird week…..

Cloud Nine


I can finally spill the beans!

I am such an awesome parent!!

I have such an awesome daughter – and she deserves it!!

Ok…in some ways, she has some work to do (get those grades up Missy!!)…but in others – she totally rocks!

LaLa came to me a few nights ago to ask me for a very special request.  Remember her Sweet Sixteen birthday party that her dad and I totally sucked on?  We tried and tried to get her to agree to do something, anything, special.  She refused and requested to postpone any party until later. 

Well – apparently later was this week.

One of her friends had the “brilliant” idea that they’d bid on One Direction tickets on Ebay, but didn’t have fundage lined up.  So, LaLa asked me ever so sweetly if I’d be willing to loan my credit card number to the cause.  After all, One Direction is just so dreamy, so wonderful, so cute, so…so…so EVERYTHING to a teenager right now!!  She’ll just die if she doesn’t get to go!!!


Explained how Ebay actually works and checked out the auctions with her and did some searching on my own.  Told her the auction doesn’t end for a couple of days, I’d talk to Hun about it and we’d get back to her.  She wasn’t disappointed, but hopeful that we’d cave into her request.

Talked to Hun and we at first decided she didn’t need the tickets – she’s currently not passing all of her classes.  I thought about it over-night and decided that wasn’t very fair to her.  Her birthday was 2 months ago and she WAS passing her classes at that point.  Just because she couldn’t decide on what she wanted to do THEN didn’t mean we should punish her NOW.  Brought up my concerns to Hun and he agreed that it wasn’t fair and we’d go ahead and buy the tickets for her.

We discussed how we’d go about doing the surprise for her and bought two tickets.  She’d be able to bring a friend, I’d drive them to the outdoor venue, wait in the car while they had a blast at the concert and then drive them home.  I’d introduce them to tailgating at its finest as I wasn’t going to risk waiting in line in traffic, just to go to a concert.

I tentatively asked her the next day how the auction was going for her friend.  She didn’t know, but would get back with me.  I told her that if they were able to get tickets, I’d drive her and all of her friends (with parental permission) in The Beast, we’d hang out for a couple of hours, drinking sodas, snacking on junk food, and general teen debauchery – all in the name of teenage love for One Direction.

The tickets arrived in the mail today – I had them shipped to my work to keep up the ruse of secrecy.  Left them sitting on the dining room table once I got home, out in the open for all to see, and none of the kids bothered picking up the package.  Hehehe!! 

Innocently, I asked LaLa how the auction went for her friend.  She stated she won one of the auctions, but couldn’t figure out how to get the money to pay.  She said it was okay – her mom (LaLa’s mom – Jetsam) wouldn’t let her attend the concert anyway.


CRAP!  I forgot all about Jetsam.  Hun and I didn’t even think about what she would say about her oldest daughter attending a concert.  Full stop in the conversation and I commented to LaLa, “I’m in no way saying that your mom’s opinion doesn’t matter and that you shouldn’t listen to her….but….you might want to talk to your dad about this as well.  She doesn’t always have the final say in things like this.”

Off LaLa went….while I dove for the phone to call Hun.

Hun and I both agreed that Jetsam should be at least informed that we already bought the tickets and that Hun is allowing her to go.  After all, Hun has every bit as much a right to allow his daughter to attend events that he deems okay – just like Jetsam did when the kids lived with her.

He tried to inform Jetsam first, but she didn’t answer the phone.  So….he went ahead and told LaLa about the tickets.  LaLa was first confused, then shocked, then speechless, then excited, and then she couldn’t stand still!!  It was great to see the mixed emotions fly across her face!  I wish I had a video camera to record it….it was great. 

Then Jetsam called back.

Hun informed her of the tickets, the plan and that he had already given LaLa the tickets.  It was obvious from the conversation that Jetsam doesn’t think LaLa is mature enough to deal with a concert like this.  It was also obvious that Jetsam wasn’t happy that Hun and I got the tickets for LaLa.  It was almost like she was jealous that we had done something that she couldn’t – again, we’re buying the child’s love.  I’m sure we’ll hear about it in the future at some point….


LaLa heard the whole conversation between Hun and Jetsam as we were still attempting to help her realize her dream come true.  So she heard Hun saying that LaLa was mature, she was responsible, and she has a good head on her shoulder.  She heard her father stand up for her and that’s just beyond wonderful in my book.  LaLa needs to hear that more often – from all of us – Jetsam included…..I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.

LaLa spent the rest of her night trying to figure out which friend she’s going to invite to go with her.  She’s torn about blurting it out to the world on Facebook and trying to keep it a secret until the friend is locked in for sure.  She doesn’t want to make the other friends jealous since she can only take one…..how horrible of a parent am I that I suggested the ticket go to the highest bidder among her friends?  I was joking of course…..kind of…

She’s on cloud nine right now and so am I for her.


Whew!  It’s been a while since I last posted….

I was thinking about the blog earlier today and I had the greatest idea for a post.  It was witty, it was insightful, it was glorious! 

Now I can’t remember what the damn thing was about.

Oh well….I guess you’re going to get some ramblings instead:


Last night, I finally got around to filing paperwork that’s been floating around my house for at least a good year.  Seriously, I filed my 2010 tax return in the proper folder….it has only been on my kitchen table for several months now – where it was before that is anyone’s guess.  In the process of filing, I discovered I had misplaced the binder that I save all documentation from Flotsam in.  15 years worth of documentation was GONE!  To say I was stressed is a bit of an understatement.  Traced my steps as best I could from the last time I remembered seeing it (before January of 2011 if the documents I had to file were any indication) and kept hitting dead ends. 

Finally asked the kids about the binder and Monkey pointed to an object on the shelf under our coffee table; “Is that it?”  Well….duh….it sure is.  I can’t even blame anyone else for it being misplaced.  As soon as I saw it there, I suddenly remembered the step I was missing on how it got there….I put it there myself of course.  Crisis adverted!!


The “Cheap” Car is not so cheap anymore.  After 4 weekends of work and over $800 in parts alone, we have finally given up and taken the thing to a shop to finish the repairs.  The mechanic was instructed to get it to the point of passing our state’s vehicle emission test and repairing any safety concerns we may have missed.  Normally, I would scream at anyone giving a mechanic a blank check like that, but I’ve been with this mechanic for many, many years now and trust him to only fix what needs to be fixed while keeping the cost as low as possible. 

Even Hun has been converted into a believer of our mechanic.  While dropping off The Car for repair, he asked the mechanic about a minor issue regarding his truck.  The mechanic gave several different options for what the problem might be that are easy fixes, just labor intensive based on the different part locations.  Hun thought about it for a moment and uttered words I never thought I would ever hear him say: “I might just bring the truck to you to fix instead of doing the work myself.” 


I told the mechanic in front of Hun that he was spoiling my DIY husband.  They both laughed at me.


This weekend is Buddy’s 15th birthday.  We’ve been thinking about getting him a cell phone of his own.  Since he’s really not ever talked about wanting a phone, we outright asked him if he would want one.  After all, what teenager these days wouldn’t jump at getting a phone?  Especially since we’ve told all of our kids that a phone is not something we will get them just because everyone else has one.  Out of all of the kids, Buddy is the only one that hasn’t begged us to get him a phone.  I figured it was just because he’s listened to us tell the others we’re not buying them one until they can pay for it themselves.  We’ve modified that declaration to the age of 15, simply because we saw a need for LaLa to have one at that age.

Wouldn’t you know it?  Buddy doesn’t want one.  I told you he was different.  Let me clarify that – he only wants a phone if it can play video games on it….I’m not buying him an I-Phone (or anything similar) just because he wants to play games. 

I may get him a phone anyway – but it’ll be a pay-as-you-go phone….just so he can get the experience of having one.  I also think it will help him with reminders and other features that he doesn’t currently have in any other form.  Plus, if he loses or breaks it, I won’t be out of a ton of money or stuck in a contract.

The problem with getting Buddy a phone is Rowdy.  Rowdy is under the mistaken belief that we’re going to get them a phone when they enter high school (since that’s where LaLa was when she turned 15).  Buddy would already be in high school if I hadn’t held him back a year.  So, the pattern would be true, except for that fact.  Rowdy is going to be mad if Buddy gets a phone in 8th grade, while he has to wait until 9th grade.  Hun thinks getting Buddy a phone is a great plan and Rowdy getting bent out of shape over it is just an unfortunate bonus.

Welcome to the evil side Hun.


That’s all the ramblings I have for tonight.  Maybe I’ll remember my awesome post in the near future.  Until next time……