Okay….so I was wrong.

Dad – it isn’t your fault.

There, I said it.  Happy?

Back in November, I attempted to go gluten free.  I seemed to have all of the “symptoms” of gluten sensitivity.  I was as gluten free as possible without going crazy about it.

And still I showed symptoms of allergic reactions to something I was eating.

Dang it!

So I finally did the adult thing and made an appointment with an allergist.  I had already been tested years ago for general allergies (I’m allergic to cats, pecan trees and mountain cedar – the bane of Texas), but I never even considered I might be allergic to the food I was eating.

I’ve never been so depressed with the list I was handed:

Beef, turkey and pork

Oats and corn

Salmon and scallops


Tomatoes and green peas

Almonds (but not pecans – weird huh?) and coconut


Do you know how hard it is to totally eliminate the above from your life?  Good LORD!!  It’s difficult!

Try it – just do a Google search on recipes with chicken, but without milk, cheese or tomatoes.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  THERE ISN’T MUCH!!  Variety is the spice of life!  I hate eating the same thing over and over and over again!!!

Thankfully, I don’t have life threatening allergies – just food “sensitivities” to these items.  The doctor recommended that I do an elimination diet to see if I truly had symptoms or if they were just reading as false positives.

I told her that was a good idea since I had eaten a big bowl of Cheerios and milk for breakfast that morning!

I only have to do the “elimination diet” for two weeks before adding items back into my diet and waiting for any reactions.

I’ve gotten very creative with chicken this last week – CLUCK!  I feel very much like I’m about to turn into a chicken.

And…..at least I’ve lost 10 pounds so far…..

The food sensitivity is very real though.  I had lunch out with family and girlfriends a week ago.  I was very good.  I ordered grilled chicken, no cheese and no tomato, with fries.

Within 20 minutes of eating, I was in extreme pain from my stomach cramping.  This lasted for a full 30 minutes before the pain subsided.  The women with me all insisted there must have been a spice on the fries that upset my stomach.


I suspected cross-contamination – maybe the grill hadn’t been cleaned before my chicken touched it.  It could have been touched by a beef burger, a turkey burger, bacon or salmon (all of which were on the menu) before my chicken was grilled.

It makes me appreciate the hoops someone else DOES have to jump through when they do have a life threatening food allergy.  While I’ve never been one to say “it isn’t a big deal”, neither had I ever stopped to consider how dangerous it could be without realizing it.

I had been a “good girl”.  I ordered exactly what I could eat, asked for appropriate modifications, and ate happily until the pain hit.  This experience is forcing me to realize exactly how militant parents of kids with life threatening allergies really have to be.

For any wayward thought I may have had in my head in the past – I’m sorry!