And now for BIG news!

I’m still in shock over it.

Buddy came to me the other night, stating, “Oh yeah mom, I forgot to tell you!  I found out yesterday that I was nominated for Homecoming King.”


“Ummm….what does that mean?”

Buddy – “I don’t know.”  

ARGH!!!!  BOYS!!!

Every question I asked him was met with “I don’t know”.  Does this mean you’re automatically on the Homecoming Court?  “I don’t know.”  Is there another vote?  “I don’t know.”  When will you find out who’s on the court?  “I don’t know.”  How many nominees are there?  “I don’t know.”

And then the other thoughts going through my head:

– Crap, does this mean he needs a garter?  He’s in the band, they don’t allow the band students to have garters.  I wasn’t planning on making a garter!!
– Will he be allowed to wear his band uniform – or will he be wearing his suit?  Does his suit need to be cleaned?!?  Better go check – of course it does!!!
– Hair cut – this kid needs a hair cut, and not the buzz cut that I typically give him!  They have professional photographers at the game taking pictures for the year book – he needs to look good.
– DOUBLE CRAP!!!  Parents walk the kids across the field to present for the crowning of King and Queen!  I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!!
– Oh….shit…..they also announce each kid’s bio as they are presented….  I can just hear Buddy’s bio now….

Buddy, being presented by his mom, Karaboo.
Buddy has lettered in band and plays the trombone.
He has also taken 3 years of ASL (American Sign Language).
After high school, Buddy plans on skipping college to become a professional video game blogger.

I gotta make sure, if he’s selected, that I can help him write his bio – I will NOT be happy if that is what he turns in to be announced at the game!

Did I mention Homecoming is this coming Friday?


I wrote the above on Sunday, during the Cowboys’ football game.

Buddy warned me several times that he wasn’t actually voted as Homecoming King – just nominated.

I told him that it was a BIG DEAL anyway!

I stressed and fretted every day, waiting to hear what the results were.

Buddy finally told me on Wednesday that he wasn’t selected to be on the court.

He was voted into 6th place.  The top 5 (out of 10 nominated) are part of the Homecoming Court.

He missed it by one place.

When I asked him if he was disappointed, he just shrugged and said it was no big deal and didn’t matter to him if he was on the court or not.

Well….it is a big deal to me.  And I’m very proud of him anyway.  I would have been proud of him even if he hadn’t been nominated.

Nominated just means there are more people than just me that think he’s pretty great too.

And that’s awesome beyond words for a kid that struggles in school.