I’ve been told that I have a good sense about me.  I do a decent job of reading between the lines, picking up subtle clues and making a pretty good guess as to what is going on/happening.

Recently, I requested a sit-down with the adults in Rowdy’s life.  I called Jetsam and asked to meet with her and her boyfriend/fiancé, with Hun and I.  The intent of the meeting was to discuss Rowdy, what we could do to help direct him as the adults in his life, and what we were willing to do as the adults.

We agreed to meet at a neutral location (McDonald’s) without any kids.

Hun and I were a little early, got some drinks and found a seat.

Jetsam showed up about 10 minutes late.  As I watched her walk in and head for the bathroom, something tingled my “spidy-senses”.  She wasn’t happy.

That was confirmed just minutes later as she sat down and said with a sneer, “Boyfriend will NOT be joining us.”

Ooohhhhhkkkaaayyyy……a woman does not say that when she’s pleased with her man!

We talked for an hour about what to do about Rowdy.

About 30 minutes of that conversation was spent with Hun and I attempting to redirect the conversation to the here and now and not focus on the past.  Jetsam kept trying to blame us for Rowdy’s current issues.  At least this conversation didn’t devolve into a screaming match like conversations in the past.  Yet another reason why I insisted on meeting at a public place!

One of the arguments that both Jetsam and Rowdy have made in the past was that he would do so much better if we would just allow him to move back in with her.  Hun and I discussed this before we ever met up with Jetsam to decide if this was a feasible option.  We both agreed that it was not a good idea due to multiple issues.

This was brought up in our meeting with Jetsam once again.  Hun said that he didn’t think it would be a good idea.  Jetsam countered with, “I disagree” and left it at that.

I looked at her and wondered where the real Jetsam was and what this alien had done with her.  In conversations past, she would heatedly, passionately, repeatedly argue that this was the only solution.  This conversation only had one sentence and then it was dropped.

Right after this is when I made my suggestion (spoken about in the previous post).  She jumped on the idea and there was no argument from her.  Again, something tingled my “spidy-senses”.

After agreeing to meet up the next day to finalize our plan, we left out of separate doors.  As we were leaving, Hun commented, “I wonder why Boyfriend didn’t show up?”

Me:  “You really are a dense man!  She was not happy with him and I’m pretty sure it’s because he told her he wasn’t going to come.”

As we drove home, we discussed it more – why didn’t Jetsam argue harder for Rowdy to come live with her?  It really was out of character for her.

Was it because the other arguments were always done for show in front of the kids?

Was it because she realizes, but won’t admit, that we really do a lot of good things for the kids that she cannot do for them herself?

Or was it because part of the argument she had with Boyfriend was that he wasn’t going to allow Rowdy to move in with them?

It’s just a hunch, but I think it’s a little of all three, but the third is my current top pick!