Do you ever wish that you had not only the time to do everything that you wanted, but also the energy to accomplish those same goals?

Really?  You too?

Good – then you know how I feel!  I really wanted to get on a more regular posting cycle, and there for a while I was doing decent at it.  Then life happened, and my best intentions went down the drain.

I have several things I want to blog about, some funny, some serious and some just venting about life.  Right now, it’s Saturday morning, only Buddy and I are up (we’re the only morning people in the house – everyone else is night owls), and I’m going to get these posts typed up and done.  I’ve already gotten bills paid, laundry started and gifts ordered for family members – might as well continue with the productivity!

I’m going to start with a light-hearted post.  This cracked me up when it happened!

LaLa has been having vehicle issues lately.  She drives a 30 year old vehicle – issues are expected.

First it started with her and a friend being stranded at the mall late one Friday evening.  Car wouldn’t start.  Hun and I go to help and jump the car off.  I suggested to Hun that the altenator should also be checked, but did he listen?  Replace the battery the next day and then on Sunday, the car is dead again.  It’s the altenator and none of the parts stores around us carry that model (it’s 30 years old after all!).  It has to be ordered in – LaLa ended up driving Hun’s truck for a week waiting on replacement part and time to change it.

I, miraculously, kept myself from saying, “I told you so!”

Once her vehicle was repaired, off on her merry little way she went.  Until about a week later – another phone call, another rescue – this time because the car overheated.

She thought the car was on fire!  There was so much steam coming from under the hood, she didn’t know what to do/think.  Thankfully, a gentleman bystander at a nearby store calmed her down and told her it was just overheating while she waited on her dad to get there.

Hun thinks the thermostat stuck.  He has yet to replace it.  Thankfully, it hasn’t overheated since – but it’s also been 30 degrees lately!

The day after her car overheated, I went around making sure all the kids were up for school like I typically do in the mornings.  LaLa was already up and out the door – turns out she was suppose to open for her job that day.  I peeked out the window and see her in her car, ready to leave.

Walking back through the house, something made me look out the window again and this time I see her walking back to the house.  I meet her at the door and ask:

Me:  “What’s wrong?  Did you forget something or is there something wrong with your car?” (as I realize I’m still hearing her car idling and it sounds fine).

Her:  “I need Dad.  It’s not working right.  I’m watching the temperature gauge like Dad said and it’s not where it normally is.”

Me:  “What do you mean?  What is it showing?”

Her:  “The needle is pointing at 0.  It never does that – it always shows a temperature.”

Me:  (chuckling) “Yes it does.  It’s been sitting overnight.  The engine is cold.  It’s supposed to show no temperature after it’s been sitting.”

Her:  “Really?” (disbelief in her tone and facial expression) “Are you sure?”

Me:  “Yes, I’m sure.  It’s fine.”

I gave her instructions to watch the gauge going to work and let us know if it overheats again.

I told Hun about the conversation with LaLa.  We both chuckled.

LaLa’s been driving over a year and apparently has never noticed this before.  She’s usually the first one to point them out and our family often jokes about her “blonde” moments!