January 17 marked the 20th anniversary for me working with the same company.

I am not yet 40 years old.

When I first accepted the job at my hometown hospital back in 1995, never did I think I would have the job even a year later, let alone 20 years later.  It’s been an interesting path; one that has led me through multiple departments, multiple positions and multiple challenges over the years.

I don’t see myself leaving the company any time soon.  I have heard others complain about how horrible the company is over the years.  I have just never seen what they’re complaining about.  Maybe I’m blind.  Maybe I’m being realistic.  Maybe I’m just lucky that I’ve had decent bosses.

The company does attempt to honor and recognize the employees.

When I hit 5 years, I received a brochure to select a milestone gift.  There wasn’t anything that I really wanted, so I ended up selecting a crystal vase.  I still have it.

When I hit 10 years, I received another brochure and another milestone gift.  Again, nothing I really wanted.  I picked a clock.  I think I still have it – I’ll have to remember to look if it’s still sitting in the same location.

When I hit 15 years, another brochure, another gift – this one is in my closet.  A portable DVD player that ended up playing a major part in why Hun and I were being threatened with a lawsuit by Jetsam’s mom, in another state, while attempting to make sure the kids made it to their grandmother’s funeral.  I won’t forget THAT gift.

I’m now at 20 years and again, I received a brochure to select a gift.

My choices (not including options that are specifically for men):

  • Exercise bike (already have equipment I don’t use)
  • Cheesy looking jewelry (complete with the company logo – just what I want adorning my ears)
  • A wine refrigerator (I don’t drink wine)
  • A luggage set (already have)
  • Home speaker system (we already have surround sound)
  • Cookware set (ummm…..really?)
  • Vacuum cleaner (I’m not kidding! This is an option!  It’s not even a Dyson!)
  • Solar powered battery charger (totally not interested)
  • Backpack (…….this doesn’t even deserve a response……)
  • Electric smoker (that’s just wrong on so many levels!)
  • Sentry Spotting scope (can we say creepy busy-body neighbor? Who even wants one of these things?)
  • Bistro Set (yes…one of my options is a small table and two chairs)
  • Golf Clubs (if I played, I suspect these would be the laughing stock of the fairway)
  • Oh….look! Another crystal vase…..this one is red at least…(rolling eyes)
  • Blu-Ray player (already have 2)
  • ActionCam Sport (the only thing that even half-way interested Hun)
  • Dooney & Bourke Pocket Sac – no, not a purse, a Pocket Sac. It isn’t even large enough to hold my “somethingorotherpad”.

I love my company.  I love the people I work with and for.  I don’t love their gifts.  Nothing even excites me as a potential gift to give someone else.