We were sitting at dinner the other night (for the first time in a LONG time), the entire family together, and I witnessed something amazing!

First off, the kids all commented about how it had been a while since we sat down as a family for dinner.  They have come to love the ritual as much as I do – they just won’t admit to it if you ask them outright.  It was a wonderful sight to see everyone laughing and joking.

The subject somehow turned to Rowdy talking too loud one morning while everyone was getting ready for school.

Monkey wanted to know who he was talking to and to cut it out because it was so annoying and he kept waking her up!

Rowdy insisted he wasn’t talking to anyone.

Monkey insisted he was.

Rowdy – was not!

Monkey – was!

I had no idea any of this was happening in the morning as our room is on the opposite end of the house.

I jumped into the middle of the conversation.  “Monkey – he wasn’t talking to anyone but himself.  He was checking himself out in the mirror and saying (in my best teenage boy voice), ‘Ooo….lookin’ good!’”  I had to add in a couple of classic muscle flexing moves to prove my point.

Laughter ensued with everyone jumping in and adding their own suave moves and best lines they could think of.

Rowdy laughed hardest of all and said, “She’s right, that’s what I was doing!”

I seem to remember a certain Greg doing the same thing about Rowdy’s age – I am an older sister after all!