Let me first start out by saying that I have no affiliation with the creators of this app and I have received no compensation for posting this.

As I stated in previous posts, I am on a mission to getting better organized this year.  One of the apps I have been using for quite some time now is the Any.List app.  As the name implies, it organizes any list you can imagine while also organizing and storing your favorite recipes.





Seriously, I cannot express how much I love this program.

I am usually a cheapskate and I do not like to “buy” apps – even ones for a dollar will make me hesitate.  So, the fact that the basic platform for this app is free, I was all over it.  When I discovered for less than $10.00 per year, I could access the program from my computer and share the lists with Hun and the kids, it was well worth the cost for me!

I’ll be upfront – I’ve been using the app for a little over a year now.

The first couple of months was kind of hit and miss as I didn’t really utilize it like I should.  Then I started building my recipe collection in the app.  That was the key for MY success.  Once the recipes are entered, with a single click or two, my grocery list for the week is created in less time than it used to take me to find pen and paper.

If you want to check it out yourself – here’s the link:  https://www.anylistapp.com/

I cannot remember if I was able to access other recipe websites before I upgraded to the “complete” side.  The fact that I can browse the major recipe websites from the app and then it will drop the recipe I want to try into my collection with just a couple of clicks is a bonus!  I don’t have to manually type anything in unless I want to – win win!!

Find a recipe on Pinterest – just copy and paste – voila!  Done!  Okay – copying from Pinterest takes a few more clicks – but seriously – it takes my computer longer to load the websites I’m browsing than it does entering the recipes into Any.List.

I have more than just my recipes and grocery lists on the app.

Just a few of my list names:

  • Vacation packing – anything and everything that may be needed for a trip is listed here. I’ve used it so many times since setting it up and I have never forgotten anything on trips since!  Works wonderful for over-night band trips as well.
  • Camping supplies – again – set the list up once and I’ve used it multiple times for multiple camping trips.
  • One-time-items-to-buy – as the list name implies, these are one-off items that I list and pick up when I’m at a store or have extra money.
  • Christmas gifts – as the name implies – as I think of gifts for people, I put the ideas here and adjust as necessary (after all – I’m a woman – I sometimes change my mind!). It helps so I can find the best price for the item I want to give.

The best part of my lists is I can set and reset the lists as many times as I want without having to recreate the list each time I need it.  I can also find it whenever I need it (as long as I haven’t misplaced my phone).

I’ve helped several friends get set up on the app as well.  Kate over at didthatjusthappen was the first I excitedly shared the app with just a little while after I started using it.  We were emailing the other day about my organization struggles and she commented that she has to-do lists everywhere (job, home, errands, etc).  Then she commented that she still has a written grocery list!  She has a written one because she doesn’t always have time to enter what she needs at the store into the app.


One of the things I did to simplify my life was to add a “recipe” and named it “Weekly Items”.  It lists everything that my family CANNOT live without in my house.  Milk – check.  Cereal – check.  Bread – check.  Laundry soap – check.  You get the picture!

I automatically add this “recipe” to my shopping list every.single.week – NO EXCEPTIONS!  I also add any meals I plan on making for the week to the shopping list.  Before I head to the store, I go through the kitchen, pantry and bathrooms and cross off anything that I already have or don’t need for the week.

What may start out as a shopping list of 100+ items is whittled down very quickly (reviewing what I already have takes less than 10 minutes usually) to around 30 items.  These 30 items are my “must buy” for the upcoming week.  No longer am discovering that I already have 3 unopened containers of sour cream in the refrigerator once I get home.

I save money with this app because I’m not buying what I don’t need.  I can also focus on rock-bottom sales on things I can stock up on without guilt that I’m blowing my grocery budget.  Before, it wasn’t unusual for me to spend $125-$150 on groceries for the week.  Now my total is between $60-$100.  For a family of 6 – that’s pretty darn good if you ask me!

The hardest part of my meal planning at this point is selecting recipes for the week.  That takes me longer than putting my grocery list together!

Anyway – this is one area of organization that has worked so well for me that I just wanted to share with everyone!

The BIGGEST drawback to this app – it is only supported on iOS phone platforms (I-phones or i-pods only).  BOO!!

(By the way – if the designers happen to read this, I totally understand why, but I first bought an i-phone simply as a whim because it was the cheapest smart-phone at the time (several versions old I might add).  I wanted to switch phones recently and discovered my favorite app isn’t supported on any other device, so I had to upgrade within the i-phone line to keep it.  I was not happy with this, but I do understand – I just think you could get an even LARGER audience with different phones having the ability to access the app.)