Once again, it’s the start of a new school year.  I can’t believe how fast the years are going by!  I also can’t quite believe that it’s been almost 3 months since I posted last.  That time has also flown by and a lot has happened in just a few short months.

Part of the reason I haven’t been around in a while is because how hectic my life has become.  It’s not like it was ever calm to begin with, but even by my standards, it’s busier than ever.

Me – I have switched jobs and now work directly for my mentor instead of being in a solo position.  This has taken a huge burden off my shoulders and the actual stress I was feeling by being in the previous position melted away with just one talk that cemented my new position.  I’m still stressed beyond belief at the moment as the old boss hasn’t yet hired anyone for the position I left.  Why should that stress me out you may ask?  Because they’re expecting me to “float” the position until the replacement is hired.  I turned in my resignation 6 weeks ago…..it’s past time for someone to be hired!!!

The good news is I’m getting overtime – the bad news is I have no life from being exhausted due to the overtime.

Hun – He was laid off at the beginning of summer (June-ish? – heck I can’t remember!).  Thankfully, he’s getting unemployment, but that doesn’t pay the bills.  So….see above – I’ve been working overtime to also help with the shortfall.  It turns out that him being laid off when he was has also been a blessing in disguise.  At the same time of being let-go, Monkey had a major melt down, Rowdy needed transportation to summer school and Buddy had band practice all summer.  So he got to be the “Dad-taxi” all summer while also taking care of the general household duties while I took care of my job.

The good news is he’s been offered his old job back – the bad news is there is no one left at home to cook me dinner like I’ve come accustomed to these past two months.

LaLa – she graduated!!!  YAY!!!  She is an official adult in the working world.  And she’s learning it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Hehehe!  Seriously though – she’s taken her job serious, paying her bills, and helping run errands all while still attempting to be an 18 year old without a care in the world.  She’s already attended several concerts, has plans to attend many, many more and is, for the most part, loving life as far as I can tell.

The good news is she isn’t showing any signs of moving out and that’s wonderful because she’s been so helpful – the bad news is she isn’t showing any signs of moving out – wait – that’s not bad news….never mind!

Buddy – he’s starting his junior year in high school.  Band nerd (with an actual marching part this year – he’s not just standing on the sidelines!!  Woohoo!!), 3rd year American Sign Language attendee, and taking psychology and sociology in school – could a mom ask for anything more?  Well – I could…..like he should be driving by now, but isn’t.  That’s okay – he’s still pretty great and cracks me up.  He even confided in me that he’s thinking about trying out for Drum Major next year!  That takes guts!  He’s still thinking it over, but I don’t care – I’m proud of him for considering it anyway.

The good news is my insurance rates haven’t gone up because we have a teenage boy in the household driving – the bad news is – do you KNOW how many summer practices a band nerd has to attend????  Could they make the schedule any more inconvenient???  HELLO!!!!  Working mom here!!  Thank goodness LaLa has been so helpful and Hun has been out of work or Buddy would never have made half the practices.

Rowdy – he’s also starting his junior year in high school.  His year isn’t going to be quite as exciting as he originally anticipated his freshman year.  You see, last year he decided that he was going to do things his way, despite our warnings to the contrary.  His way netted him 5 failed classes that he now has to make credits up for if he wants to graduate on time.  We helped him attend summer school to make up one of those credits.  He passed, but just barely.  So now, his extra class periods he could have used to take Mechanical Engineering or Law Enforcement (career classes he originally planned on taking) he’s now having to make up for the failed classes from last year.

The good news is it is amazing how life lessons have a way of getting a point across ever so much clearer than a parent talking until they’re blue in the face – the bad news is I really wish he had listened to us – I believe the career classes are valuable experiences that can help a kid decide if a particular path is the right one for them – him missing out on this makes me sad for him.

Monkey – she’s starting her 8th grade year and has already tried out for the volleyball team.  She didn’t make it, but she got further in the tryouts than she did last year – that’s positive!  She did have a trying summer however.  She had a melt-down at the beginning, didn’t like what Hun and I were saying to her and threatened to kill herself.  The reality is I truly believe she was bluffing, but she’s made the threat before and her previous counselor said if she ever did it again to take her straight to the ER for a psychiatric evaluation.  If she was bluffing, she wouldn’t make the threat again as she would see we were serious, if she wasn’t, they could deal with it much better than we could (agreed!!).  This event led to a 10 day outpatient treatment session (8 hours per day) and then additional counseling of 3 hours a day, 3 days a week.  She’s finally discharged from that, but still in counseling with one-on-one sessions with a new counselor who will be able to help her better than the last counselor she was seeing.

The good news is she’s getting the help she so desperately needs – the bad news is it will probably still be a rough road ahead for all of us.  The counselor who was seeing her 3 days a week commented to both Hun and I that she can tell Monkey’s anger is solely directed at me, but is terribly misplaced.  The reality is Monkey is mad at her mom, Jetsam, but doesn’t want to admit the truth to herself.  Based on what I’ve been seeing and hearing from Monkey – she’s starting to realize this on her own and is fighting against that knowledge in her own head.  She screams horrible things at me the things she’d like to scream at her mom, but can’t.  After all, if she did that, then the mom who has conditions on the love she gives her kids might just withdraw that love instead.  I can see the pain Monkey is going through – I will help her carry her burden as long as she needs me to and be there with open arms when she’s ready to release the burden and the pain on her own terms.

As you can tell – we’ve had a busy summer!  At some point, I will be getting back to posting on a more regular basis as I enjoy writing and sharing my life.  Until then, you try to behave yourself and I’ll try not to be a stranger to my own blog!