What does a red-headed step-child, a rogue process and a phantom all have in common?



In the last few weeks, I have been referred to all of the above adjectives in some form or fashion.

Red-headed step-child – I keep referring to myself by this adjective.  I’m between two entities and no one wants to claim me.  It cracks me up!  It’s not totally accurate that no one wants to claim me…but I work for one entity, housed at another and without a direct supervisor, it kind of feels like no one wants me.  At some point, the details are supposed to be worked out…but until then, I’m in limbo.

A rogue process – this one cracks me up the most!  Remember my work post about being blind copied?  Well….I received a response and the first line was an outright lie and on top of that, implied that because I asked a question, I was causing “rogue processes” to happen within the system.  Now…I don’t know about you, but I have never had a computer program crash just because I asked a question.  So, I read between the lines and realized *I* was being referred to as the “rogue process” – that because I wasn’t just accepting of the non-answer, I was causing problems.

I have never been referred to as a rogue before….I kind of like it!  I think I’m going to wear it as a badge of honor….  Hehehehe!!

And finally…..today…

Today we received new phones in our office.  Beginning next week, we will have a totally new phone system and so they are setting up everything ahead of time in preparation.  They plugged the phones in and immediately, my phone line is not recognized.

The technician comments, “We have a phantom phone here.”


Now I’m a Phantom!!  AWESOME!

Okay….so maybe I’m taking a little bit of liberty with these adjectives….but I’m have fun with the descriptions anyway!

So…what will I be next?

I have no idea, but bring it on!!