I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner when Hun walks in the front door, bringing in the mail with him.

“AWE MAAANNNN!!!!” he laments loudly from the next room, “Not again!  Oh!  Wait……………….Bwahahahahaha!!!  It has YOUR name on it!  Bwahahahaha!”

Hun comes walking into the kitchen waving a letter at me, “Guess who’s been summoned for jury duty?  Bwahahahahaha!!”

I look at him and shrug, “Ok”.

That was several weeks ago.  I’ve been preparing ever since.

Work informed – check

Signed in online for duty – check

Somethingorotherpad  charged – check

New books downloaded – check

Cell phone portable extra charger charged – check

Lunch in downtown planned out – check

Parking location, extra money and bus locations verified – check

I am ready for jury duty.  I’m looking forward to it in fact.  A whole day away from work, away from kids, away from chores…..

Nothing to do except sit around and try to kill the time while I wait for my turn to perform my civic duty.

Sounds like heaven to me!

As I’m about to leave from work, I get a call and I’m informed that I won’t be needed for jury duty after all.  The director is standing there and hears the call, the cancellation and my disappointment.

She comments, “I’ve never known anyone to be disappointed that their jury duty has been cancelled.  You obviously don’t have enough alone time!”

Me, “I don’t suppose I could have tomorrow off anyway?”

Her, “Hehehe!  See you tomorrow!”