My first day back to blogging and what happens?

Chaos – that’s what.  My life seems to be full of chaos and today was no exception.

Woke up, get the kids going, take a shower and get ready for work.  So far so good, right?  Right.

Run out the door for work; note that it’s cold, misting and miserable outside and as I’m walking down the sidewalk, I see this foamy yellowish blob looking thing on our front lawn.  What the heck is that?

Go over to it and it’s coming out of the cover for the water main line.  No way to open up the cover without touching the blob (I’m not touching that!), so I did what every good wife does – I ignored it until Hun could find it and went on my merry way to work.

Text message from Hun an hour later – “There is water leaking at the water main shut off, what should I do?  Turn water off or call the city?”

Me – “Call the city” (duh!  I don’t want to fix it!!)

Hun – “Okay”

Me – “might want to turn the water off too” (in case they decide to charge us for all of that leaking water)

Hun – “Done – the water leak stopped” (crap – that means the leak is on our side of the line and our responsibility to fix….dammit!)

Me – “When’s the city going to be there to look at it?”

Hun – “Uh…..I don’t know – I didn’t ask them that!”

On the phone to the city I go to see what the ETA is going to be.  “Not today” the cheerful chick on the other end of the line chirps!  “They are fixing other main line issues around the city and those take precedence over your house line.  Maybe they’ll get to it tomorrow (if you’re lucky is the unspoken threat).  Oh and if the issue is on your side, you will have to deal with it.”

ARGH!!!  Lady – we have a house full of 6 people!  We cannot be without water for more than a few hours!  Relay the message to Hun and we discuss a plan of action – which included digging up the yard tonight after work – after the sun goes down and when our weather is supposed to turn from mist to freezing rain.  Not a good plan….but the one we figure we have to work with.

An hour later, Hun’s work had no more work for him to do, so to the house he heads.  He decides he’s going to dig up the yard and see what exactly is leaking.  I pack my stuff up at work as well and also head to the house – if he gets to play in the mud, so do I!  Well….not really – I don’t want to get muddy….but a good wife pretends that she’s there to help and at the very least hands over tools, gets a good cleavage view in or two for moral support and takes pictures of the process/progress.

Dig up the front yard and discover that the coupling connecting the main line to the house line has come apart.  No cracks, no breaks, just the ground shifting enough to cause a huge leak.  Of course, the connections will not just go back together – oh no, that would be too easy!

Did I mention that it is cold (approximately 35 degrees), misting and nasty outside while we’re digging in cold, wet ground?

Realizing that we do not have the proper connections in our stash of plumbing tools, off to the big orange box store we go.  Me dressed in my ski pants, goulashes, three shirts and Hun’s old work jacket; Hun dressed in jeans, shirt and jacket all covered in mud; both of us trying desperately to warm up our numb fingers.  We would have fit in perfectly over at the “People of Walmart” website if anyone got a picture of us.

Back home just in time for the older kids to arrive home from school and off the bus.  Rowdy jumps right in to help and I’m off the hook – WOOHOO!!

Hun and Rowdy spend the next 30 minutes outside as I warm my tushie and fingers.  Both come in the house throwing tools and cursing under their breaths.  The parts aren’t going together quite as simple as originally planned in the store aisle.  Darn plumbing!  Have I mentioned that we hate plumbing issues?  Off to another store to get some more parts.

Back to the house – thankfully LaLa now has her driver’s license – just in time to see the kids are taking off to make a bathroom run.  The water is off and of course no one can hold it any longer.

Rowdy has abandoned his post, so back outside I go to help.  The joints will not seal without leaks.  More cussing, more thrown tools and an aggravated Hun is what we’re currently reaping.  The joints….oh those stupid joints….

We run out of propane for the torch – we pull out our canisters for camping and those are giving us fits.  Back to the store we go….this time for the heavy duty MAP gas torch because now the igniter for the propane torch has quit working as well.

It’s now after dark and the temperature has dropped sharply.  Thankfully, the mist has stopped, but we’re still deep in mud and cold water.  We’ve lost feeling in our fingers, our toes and our ears.  Back into the hole we go.

And the pipe still will not seal!  ARGH!!!!

Three connections later it finally seals.  Finally!  There is happy ski pants dancing in the streets!

Our repairs only took 7 hours from start to finish…..and a whopping $85.00 (FYI – MAP gas and corresponding igniter are expensive!).  But – we did it ourselves and we now have water back on to our house.

Now….where’s my electric blanket?  I’m COLD!!!  (PS….THANKS MOM!!!)