As I sit here, I can hear sleet bouncing off my bedroom windows.

The sound is low, not quite steady and hard to know for sure what it is unless you look out the window.

There is no wind at the moment, but the sky is cloudy, gray and overcast.  The ground is clear, the sidewalks still visible, but the sleet is bouncing off the vehicles where it will eventually settle in a crack and melt into a solid sheet of ice.

Just days before Thanksgiving and scarcely days after the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK and North Texas has had non-stop news coverage of the winter weather heading our way.

You see, for us, any type of winter weather is newsworthy.  All day yesterday, there was posted warnings in the top left corners on our local TV stations regarding a Winter Storm Warning.  There was no rain, sleet, or snow yesterday at all.  Oh…there was some misting early in the morning, but the rest of the day was clear – and still the warning remained to prepare us for today and tomorrow.

Why so much advanced notice?  Are we about to be buried in snow?


It’s because North Texas does not know how to deal with winter weather in any way, shape or form.  The year we hosted the Super Bowl, we received an ice storm the week before that lasted almost a week.

A WEEK!  Oh the horrors!!

We had construction road equipment clearing the streets so the fans could get to the game (bulldozers, road graters, etc).

What our snowplows look like – minus the snow usually.
Image courtesy of VanNatta

You see…for us….when we receive any type of winter weather, we immediately go into hibernation mode.  We have no snow shovels, no snow plows, no ice for the sidewalks, no snow blowers, and no idea how to drive on anything that doesn’t look like dry pavement.

Anything that remotely looks like snow or ice in the forecast immediately has people watching the news to find out if their school or work has been cancelled.

One year, a few years back, the weatherman predicted snow overnight.  The schools were climbing all over themselves to find out who would be the first to cancel school the next day.  Before the first flake had even fallen, all of the major districts around us had already cancelled classes the next day.  We woke up to dry streets and clear skies and not a flake in sight.  The kids were happy school was cancelled, but the districts all had egg on their faces and angry parents having to miss work to watch their little ones.

What 20″ of snow normally looks like for us. Courtesy of random Google search – no idea where it came from.

In case the caption on the above picture is hard to read – it says, “Dear Boss, I am afraid I will not be able to make it to the office today.  I opened my front door and there are 20 inches of snow outside.  I am attaching a photograph to prove it.  Your honest employee.”


So….what will tomorrow bring?  Most of the school districts I know of in the area have the week off for Thanksgiving – so the kids are not going to be missing any school (in the words of Monkey – AWW MAN!!!).  Depending on the severity, workers will be watching the weather closely and trying to figure out if their boss will buy their story of being able to get out of their driveway/subdivision.

As for me – I have rarely missed work due to snow and/or ice.  Working in an industry that is open 24/7/365 (healthcare/hospital), I have always viewed it my duty to attempt to make it in to work to help those who have to be there to care for the patients.  I have helped Maintenance, Food Service and Housekeeping in various ways.

If it ices tonight, I expect I will attempt to go to work tomorrow like always.  If you don’t hear from me, send the dogs and make sure they have whiskey!!