I really never considered myself a bling girl.

You know the women I’m talking about – the ones that are always covered in rhinestones and sequins from head to toe.

And then….an odd thing happened….

Rhinestones and sequins exploded in my wardrobe and began appearing on everything I own.

It started small several years ago; a tank top with a couple of rhinestones here, another with a couple of sequins there.

Then the rhinestones migrated to my toes.  Pedicures were not complete unless my toes sported at least one piece of bling.

My shoes and flip-flops began appearing with shiny stones and flashes of spark.

A few months after upgrading to a Smartphone, my plain case was begging for some character.  Too cheap (in my own mind) to buy an expensive, fancy case, I instead went to the craft store and bought sparkly stickers and blinged up my phone.  I’m on my 4th set of stickers.

Suddenly, I noticed while washing clothes that my work shirts are now covered in sequins.  Shirts full to the hems of sparks and flashes of light.  I have one shirt that I have to physically cover with another article of clothing or I blind myself driving home because the sequins are so bright in the afternoon sun.

My jewelry is also covered in gems.  Nothing is plain Jane in my box.  Even if there are no gems or sequins, the item is definitely unusual.

There is one final item that I have been watching closely to see when it would finally start to sparkle.

I’ve been silently resisting admitting to my own destiny.

My destiny is already decided and there is nothing I can do about it other than to wait for the sparkles to start to show.

That day has finally come.

I’d like to say they snuck up on me, but truth be told, I’ve been looking for them for the past 10 years.

Both Grandmas were covered in sparkles for as long as I can remember.

Mom sported her sparkles in an unusual way to begin with and then eventually fell in line behind her mom.

My sparkles started a few years ago, but apparently, only I could see them.  Showing them to Hun had him laughing at my vanity and rolling his eyes at me simultaneously.

I’m not yet 40 and I have gray hairs appearing!

My coworker’s hairdresser refers to them as sparkles.  That sounds so much better than calling them gray hairs.

So….I’m now sporting a head slowly being covered in sparkles.

At least my hair will soon match my wardrobe!