I arrived home from work early – that was my first mistake.

The second was not alerting the kids.

I opened the front door to our house and 5 kids stood there, eyes wide and petrified looks on their faces.

Fingers started pointing.

Rowdy’s friend suddenly said, “DUDE!  I TOLD you one of your parents would come home early!”

I surveyed the scene…..mustard covered the living room from one end to the other.

It was on the furniture.

It was on the kids.

And it covered the floor.

Now….normally, I would have hit the ceiling (the only place there wasn’t mustard, miraculously).

However, my yearly physical was on Monday and after breaking down in tears during the exam and going through additional questions, the doctor prescribed me some happy pills (anti-depressants).  The side effects were severe enough that first day that I left work early.


I arrived home from work early to find the kids engaged in what I am now referring to as The Great Mustard War of 2013.

They stood there waiting for me to explode.

Slowly, calmly, quietly, I told the kids – I’m home early because I don’t feel good.  I’m going to bed.  Clean up the mess and don’t wake me up!

They did a good enough job cleaning up that Hun didn’t know until I told him about it.

I fully expect to find mustard in odd places for years to come.

Thank goodness it was only mustard packets!