For those of you following my blog, you are aware of the fact that I’ve been struggling in my job.  I’ve been struggling with not being trained properly and frustrated with the lack of progress in all aspects related to my job.

This past week, major developments happened to my department that has now turned everything upside-down.  My boss, Flora, has resigned.  Or, I guess I should say, was asked to resign – the unspoken “or else be fired” was implied loud and clear in the version we heard.

Apparently, the news wasn’t unexpected on Thursday morning, as Flora spent the majority of the day filing things in her office and figuring out which project was in which stage of completion.  When her 3:30pm meeting came around, she went to it and came back a short 30 minutes later.  She informed all of us that she had resigned and would be back on Friday to clean out her office and give us final instructions.  To say we, Fauna, Merryweather and myself, were devastated would be an understatement.

In enters a new player to my personal saga – Flora’s boss, now our department’s interim boss.   I’m trying to figure out a nickname for her – man this is HARD!

Okay – back from the Googler and I’ve decided on a nickname – Dr. Yzma.

Yzma from Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove” – courtesy of Disney Wiki

Why?  Just because the character cracks me up and, while bearing no physical resemblance what so ever, there is a touch of familiarity.

Back to Thursday afternoon.  After Flora left for the day, Dr. Yzma walked in to let us know what the new plan would be for our office.  Try as I might, I could not keep it together.  I sat there silently and bawled uncontrollably while Dr. Yzma talked.  Fauna cried as well and told Dr. Yzma that there was no way we could take on any more responsibilities – we are drowning as is – a fact Dr. Yzma acknowledged.  Merryweather spoke up and stated what she would be able to do, but that she would need a lot more direction and assistance in getting everything put together for upcoming meetings.

Dr. Yzma turned to me and asked me what I needed because I hadn’t said a word up until that point.  Through the tears and sobs, I informed her I needed a one-on-one meeting with her.  It was promptly scheduled for 10am on Friday morning.  After Dr. Yzma left, I commented to Fauna and Merryweather that I just could not take one more stressor in my life and while it was selfish of me to say that, Flora leaving had sent me over the edge.  They understood and sent me home.

After leaving work on Thursday afternoon, I spent the remaining afternoon and evening crying uncontrollably.  Between sobs and hiccups, I wrote out a list of everything that I’m currently stressed out about in my life – career, health, kids, house, ex-spouses, bills, and husband.  It was a quite extensive list (one I’m not about to post).  Writing it out helped me to focus on what I needed to accomplish with my meeting with Dr. Yzma.

My meeting goals were:

  • Inform Dr. Yzma of all of my personal issues – as interim director, she needed to know what I was dealing with, along with all of my appointments currently scheduled.
  • Inform Dr. Yzma of my uncertainty regarding my dedication to the job and position.  My intention was to also tell her of the struggles I have experienced in the last year and a half.
  • Listen to what plans are in place to continue the department and figure out if any planned changes are worth me waiting it out for.

The meeting, in my mind, was successful in accomplishing all of my goals.

Dr. Yzma knew of some of my personal struggles, but not all of them, and was both surprised and sympathetic to the issues I face outside of work (I hadn’t gotten into my work struggles yet).  She asked me if I was upset the day before because of the major mistake made earlier in the year and blamed myself for Flora resigning.  She seemed surprised when I told her no, that I understand the resignation was considered business and there would be no hard feelings from me regarding it.

She then did something that surprised me.  She asked me to give her some time and not bail on the department.  She told me that she was impressed with the amount of progress I have been able to make with little to no training or direction.  That she sees a major career future in my life if I’m willing to go in that direction.  Her goal for me was to get me the training I actually needed, but to do that, I needed to have faith that she was going to follow through.  I told her I appreciated that (but in my mind I’m giving her 6 months to show me some progress – I’m fine with slow as long as it’s steady).

She also asked me for my opinion on the mood of the office.  I told her the truth – that Merryweather is just as frustrated with the lack of training as I am and Fauna, while a hard worker, is a poor trainer and seems to be stuck in the past regarding her job processes.  Dr. Yzma agreed with me on that assessment and stated she has seen that first hand for herself.

So….where do I go from here?  I keep plugging along for one thing.

For another – I need to start posting more often.  Apparently, there are new developments in the world of Jetsam and I haven’t yet followed up on my health issues lately.  So stay tuned!