We’ve had an exciting weekend….NOT.

School is finally over, work is still the same, and the kids are already getting restless while summer just officially started today.

Apparently, all of the positive things going on in our lives was just too much for the Exes to bear and they’ve ramped up their goal of disrupting our happy little household.

Let’s start with Flotsam.

He called me not once, but twice last week and actually wanted to speak with me. That alone always leaves me suspicious regarding what his real motivation is. I still haven’t found out or figured out what he actually wanted in either conversation. I know what each talk was ultimately about, but there’s always a bigger issue at hand with him….it’s just a matter of figuring it out on my end.

The first call was actually civil and lasted for almost 30 minutes. He wanted to know how Buddy is doing in school and stayed very even keeled throughout the entire conversation. Then the real reason he called came out. It seems Buddy called him out regarding being disrespectful towards him through text message. Flotsam wanted to make sure I heard his side of the story first, before Buddy had a chance to say anything and I had an opportunity to read the texts. Flotsam was definitely in the wrong once I read the texts and I’m proud of Buddy for how he handled the matter.

The second call dissolved into Flotsam calling me multiple names and ultimately texting Buddy that I’m psychotic and controlling. All because I told him “no”. What was my “no” about? My constitutional right of freedom of religion. Flotsam argued that I am REQUIRED to allow him to take Buddy to church. Ummm…no I’m not….I have sole custody with Flotsam having limited, supervised, visitations. I’m not REQUIRED to do anything of the sort. I’m also not REQUIRED to indoctrinate our son in one religion or another. That is my choice.

Flotsam said he would take me to court and the judge would FORCE me to take Buddy to church or allow Flotsam to take him to church. I laughed at him and told him take me to court because no such event would happen. That resulted in the epic meltdown and subsequent name calling.

What did Buddy think of all of this? He appreciates the fact that I allow him to think independently and figure some things out for himself. He believes that his dad is crossing the line and doesn’t understand why it’s so hard for his dad to understand basic concepts that he himself understands just fine.

He’s a pretty bright kid if I do say so myself.

On to Jetsam.

Remember last year? In fact it was almost exactly one year ago. I have the post to prove it here.

The post where we discovered Jetsam had bed bugs at her house?

Well guess what?

Yep, we have them now.

Stupid little bugger bastards. I’m itching again just thinking about it.

Guess what we also found out? That Jetsam never really took care of the problem at her house like she told us she had (several months after my initial post). When we told her on Friday that we now had them, she informed us that’s why she moved in February and left all of her possessions there. The infestation had gotten so bad that it was easier for her to pick up, move and buy all new things than to actually deal with the problem properly.

To top it all off, she informed us that our current infestation was not her fault. That she had done everything she could on her end.

Oh really? So you talked to the landlord? You called out an exterminator yourself? You told us you were still battling the little creepy crawlers? No? You didn’t do any of those things? You just picked up and moved on to another trailer?

So…..how exactly is this not your fault?

I’ve spent the entire weekend methodically cleaning out the girls’ room, piece by piece, item by time, sock by sock. I’m still not done and I’m still trying to make sure the problem isn’t going to explode at our house. I still have the boys’ room to do and on to the rest of the house. To say I was upset when I found out is an understatement.

Then….when we went to pick up the kids from Jetsam’s house on Sunday, we found out the next piece of news. She’s been fired from her job at Wal-Mart due to her issue with attendance (supposedly for a non-functioning vehicle). And – her other job, cafeteria worker in an elementary school, will be ending in a week once school is over in that district. So…in less than a week, she’ll be back to being jobless.

It’s been less than 6 months since Jetsam moved last (February of this year).

I’m under no illusions that she’ll be moving quickly, but it doesn’t surprise me that she’s again back in this predicament. My first thought was – she knew her vehicle was having engine issues back before February when she moved into a larger place. Why wouldn’t she fix the vehicle problem first instead of spending the money to move into a larger place? Because of the bed bugs? Wouldn’t that issue have been a non-issue if it had been taken care of properly to begin with?

My question is how someone like this can continuously be in predicaments like this – jobless and potentially homeless multiple times in the last 10 years. Actually, I know HOW someone can end up like this, what I can’t understand is how she can repeatedly say it isn’t her fault and she’s not responsible for the situation she’s been placed in.
Damn logic is always getting in my way.