Over three weeks – it’s been over three weeks since I asked Hun to take me to the Emergency Room with stomach pains. The pain still hasn’t gone away. What’s wrong you may ask? I have no idea – and neither do the doctors it seems.

The pain began in the morning before I even got out of bed. Rolled over onto my stomach and almost threw up. Once up and attempting to move, I realized pretty quickly I wouldn’t be going to work. The nausea was just too great. I suspected food poisoning and hoped no one else in the family would be sick either.

Called into work and crawled back into bed where I proceded to alternate between cold chills and sweating. The day passed with the pain and nausea staying consistant and me occassionally wondering if I should take myself to the ER or just wait until Hun got home from work (he was out of town – of course!). By the time I thought of calling someone else, the kids were coming home from school and it was only an hour before Hun would be home.

Finally get into an ER room at 8pm that night. After seeing the physician, telling him my symptoms and informing him I thought it was food poisoning originally, he immidately suspected my gallbladder was kaput! I was hooked up to an IV, blood drawn, given a morphine shot and sonogram ordered – all happened at the same time and seemed to happen within minutes of talking to the doctor.

The sonogram came back negative, so the doctor ordered a CT scan for me citing that sometimes it’s an infection instead that’s not picked up by the sonogram. The CT scan also came back negative. So, he checked the bloodwork – it was also negative.

And, Oh, by the way – you’re not pregnant.

Really? No kidding sherlock! I could have told you that and saved the time and money.

He discharged me by 11pm with a diagnosis of food poisoning and to follow up with my family physician if the symptoms didn’t improve. Thanks Doc! Not.

At least I was out of the ER in less than 4 hours.

Two days later, I’m in my family doctor’s office, still in pain, attempting to see my doctor who dared to take the day off. Saw one of her partners instead. He made me laugh, painfully, when he “attempted” to “break in” to my electronic hospital medical records with my permission. Since he isn’t listed as my primary physician, the system wouldn’t allow him to view the records. Stupid technology (which I actually love – but there are days it’s a pain – like in this instance!).

He suspected my issue was probably ulcer related, which is typically caused by the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria. He gave me some industrial strenght heart-burn pill samples and told me to call back if my pain didn’t recede within the next week or so.

Due to my out of town conference the next week, I didn’t get to see my doctor until the week after, which was last week. She suspected the same thing as her partner, tested me for H. pylori and recommended I also get a Hida scan done to also rule out a non-functioning gallbladder (rather than one that is typically stopped up with stones). I received the results of both tests yesterday.

They were both negative…..NEGATIVE!

What the hell?!?

According to all of the tests, I’m healthy as a horse!

I swear there is something wrong with me! My stomach still hurts! The pill I’m taking every day only dulls the pain but doesn’t actually get rid of the pain. And if I forget to take a pill? Heaven help me! I HURT!

Maybe they should be scanning my head instead!

So where does this leave me?

I’ve now been referred to a gastroenterologist. I’m just awaiting the phone call beckoning me to make an appearance. I suspect they’ll want to scope my stomach, hence the referral. I’m not looking forward to this procedure. NOT.AT.ALL.