Okay – this has to take the cake…..

Someone stole the tag light bulbs out of Hun’s truck.

Yes, you read that right – they stole light bulbs!



What the heck?!?

I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the utterly ridiculous nature of their crime.  They stole light bulbs!  Are they seriously so hard off that they cannot afford the less than five dollars a two pack costs?  If they’re stealing light bulbs, then they must be.

Should there be a punishment for this heinous crime?  What should the punishment for a light bulb thief be?

Electric shock therapy?

Finally answering the age old question of how many Aggies/Pollocks/Lawyers/Doctors/etc it actually takes to screw in a light bulb?

This has to take the cake (so far) in weird stuff that happens to us and around us in the last 10 years.  And there’s been a lot of weird stuff!

  • Having a woman scream and cuss at Hun after telling him to stop cussing in front of her kids.
  • Having Hun’s work vehicle broadsided in the middle of the afternoon while parked in front of our house.
  • Calling the cops on the cop who decided that leading the Pee-Wee Homecoming parade around the block in his police cruiser, driving 5 mph, while blasting his siren around the entire block at 7am on a Saturday morning was a good idea.
  • Our house has been hit by lightening – or at least, we were so close to the actual strike that several of our electronics were fried.
  • Three separate houses in our neighborhood, within less than a half-mile, have exploded (thankfully, no one’s been hurt).
  • The neighborhood commune lives next door to us – we never know who is going to be living there next…..at least they’re all related in some form or fashion.
  • When the next door neighbor-lady got into spectacular fights with her significant other, our vehicles would get egged, while her vehicle received the rest of the dozen.  So glad she finally moved!
  • Having the not dealing with a full deck gentleman down the street declare all out road-rage wars with Hun – any time the two would met on the street in their vehicles, it was like the guy was out to get us!  (Really glad they finally pulled his license!)
  • Waking up in the middle of the night (3am) to the dogs barking at something.  Look out the window to see some kid sprawled out on our yard, without a shirt on, suddenly jump up and run in the opposite direction from where it looked like he came from.  Moving to another window to try and find him, only to see a couple strolling down the street, holding hands while a guy rides by on a bike….  No, I wasn’t dreaming or sleep walking…this actually happened since I found a shirt in the grass the next day in the exact spot the kid had fallen down.

I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting.  Like, I didn’t bother mentioning our vehicles being broken into or the kids bikes being stolen from out of the backyard or the trash we find strewn all over our yard at odd times.

Right now, we have an odd occurrence happening where we’re finding cigarette butts in our yard.  We’ve found over 6 dozen so far, all the same brand, all roughly located in the exact same spot – at the end of our driveway.  A mystery I’m sure we’ll end up solving with a logical explanation (like the commune kids are hiding behind our vehicles while they smoke….or something equally stupid like that).

But…..light bulb thieves?  Really?

People be crazy!