We’re done!  We’re finally and completely, really, really done!

Well……99.99% done anyway (stupid last piece I can’t find……).

We’ve been remodeling our main bathroom for longer than I care to admit.  For those not familiar with our situation, we are a family of 6 living in a 1950’s ranch.  Originally classified as a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car garage home – it was anything but when we bought the house.  Some previous owner had converted one bedroom into a dining room and the garage into another room/bedroom.

Since we moved into the house, we have corrected the abomination of a garage conversion that was (they cut through the roof rafter supports which we had to correct) and have turned it into a master bedroom with full bathroom.  It’s a good thing we did as our main bathroom could not hold up to 6 people using it on a full time basis and had slowly deteriorated.  Here are some of the before and after shots of the work we did:

Before – Entrance to Bathroom

After – Entrance to Bathroom

When you walk in, the shower is on the right with the toilet further behind a small wall.  The sink is on the left and is flanked by floor to ceiling cabinets with shelves and laundry hampers built in on both sides.  The cabinets are mirror image to accommodate 4 kids as fairly as possible.

Before – Shower

After – Shower

We did all of the plumbing and tiling work ourselves.  Yes, I’m quite proud of our accomplishments!

Before – Sink

After – Sink & Mirror

The custom cabinets are the only thing in the bathroom that Hun and I did not do ourselves.  However, we did patch all nail holes, sand and paint every square inch of the cabinets.  The counter top and tile back-splash are custom made as well – we did all of that ourselves.

Before – Toilet area

After – Toilet area

All of the plumbing was shot when we tore into the project.  The pipes were cast iron and rotting/rusting from the inside out.  Everything was stopping/backing up on a regular basis.

We tore everything out – and I mean EVERYTHING.  At one point, there was no ceiling, no walls and no flooring.  We replaced all plumbing lines, all electrical and even some support beams underneath the house.  Thankfully, we’re on pier and beam, so we have a crawl space to work with.  We found about 100 old razor blades in the wall (once upon a time, that’s where they were disposed of – ick!), termite damage, and water leaks.

You may be wondering how long this project took us – I’m almost ashamed to admit that it took us over 3 years total.  3 years of the kids trekking through our master bedroom to use the only working toilet and shower at all hours of the day and night.  To say I’m thrilled this project is over is an understatement!

So, why is it only 99.99% finished you might ask?  I can’t find one trim ring around the shower light:

Stupid trim ring – where are you?!?

I think I may need to already call out the exterminator though…..I found a Monkey in the cabinet:

Monkey in my hamper! ACK!

For anyone who’s interested, here’s the link of the complete project from start to finish.  I haven’t had a chance to put captions and all of the photos are out of order for some reason (sorry about that!).  If you’d like to view them from the beginning, start at the end and scroll backwards – that puts it in to close to the right order.