Okay – I have tried to blog about this particular incident 3 times now….hopefully 3rd time is a charm!

Cyberspace keeps trying to eat my drafts, so bear with me….

I finally have a positive incident to report!  Woohoo!!

One of the things my family used to do when I was growing up was eat dinner as a family.  Granted, it wasn’t at the dining room table, but that’s only because it was always covered with various projects in various stages of completion.  Instead, we ate dinner in the kitchen.  But, no matter who was home, we ate together and that was the important part.

I’ve carried this tradition forward into my own family and whoever is home eats dinner together.  We actually eat at the dining room table (most of the time….occasionally in front of the TV, but that’s a rare exception), but that’s only because my kitchen table is always covered with various projects in various stages of completion.  I sense a pattern here.

Ahem….moving on….

When Hun’s kids first moved in with us, dinners together were exercises in futility.  We had always eaten together before we received custody and we’d always had fun with the kids, laughing and joking.  After receiving custody, the mere fact that we “ripped them away from the only parent that truly loves them” left our dinners together flat, silent, and desperate.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, we ate dinner together with all attempts at small talk met with, “I don’t know”, “maybe”, “I can’t remember” and the like.  I was beginning to despair that any of them would ever open up.  I think we were on year two or three before a joke was finally cracked, a few months later before any of them opened up about what goes on at school.

I now can’t get them to shut up and eat.  Be careful what you wish for I guess!

About a week ago, as we were finishing up dinner and everyone was beginning to start their after dinner chores; Hun and I were sitting there listening to the general chaos going on around us.  LaLa was still finishing up her last couple of bites while Monkey and Rowdy were arguing about who was doing more chores than the other and Buddy was trying to sneak off to hide in his bedroom.  Hun and I looked at each other from across the table and just shook our heads at how typical the whole scene had become.  LaLa saw us and laughed as Rowdy and Monkey ramped up their nightly argument even louder than normal.

I leaned over to LaLa and commented quietly:  You’re so lucky…just two more years.

LaLa, with a confused look on her face, repeated:  Two more years?

Me:  Yeah, you know….just two more years!

LaLa (with dawning understanding):  Oh yeah!!  Just two more years!

Rowdy (walking back into the dining room):  Two more years until what?

LaLa:  Until I’ve graduated, moved out and living in my own apartment!  In PEACE AND QUIET!!

Me:  Yeah!  And I’ll be dropping by to visit, knocking on the door, begging, “Please let me in!  I brought ice cream!!”

Rowdy (laughing):  That’s so wrong!  She probably won’t let you in!

LaLa (laughing):  I would for the right price!

Me (laughing):  I know the secret password!  “I brought chocolate-chip cookie dough!”

LaLa (laughing harder):  SOLD!!!!