Living in a blended family means opening up Christmas presents whenever everyone is available.  So, like any dutiful parent in this situation, Hun and I allowed our kids to open up their Christmas gifts on Sunday morning.  By doing this, it allowed them all of Sunday and most of Monday to play with their gifts.  Christmas Eve night, we took them over to Jetsam’s house where they will stay until sometime around the new year (I can’t remember the exact time we’re getting them back – I know – I’m slacking!).

We had several “miracles” happen that day:

Rowdy declared it, “The BEST Christmas EVER!!!”  This left Hun and I thoroughly confused.  We didn’t get him anything outrageous or expensive, so we couldn’t quite wrap our minds around his declaration.  We figured out why he believes this, but it still doesn’t seem like reason enough for him to be as excited as he was.  Oh well, we’ll take all the praise we can get from any of our kids at this point in life.

Buddy gave me an honest-to-God hug – a HUG!  This from my 15 year old who hasn’t willingly given me a hug since he was around 6 years old, I was shocked.  He even walked up to me and said, “I HAVE to give you a hug for the BEST Christmas gift I’ve ever received!” and proceeded to hug me tight.  I was almost in tears….it was the best Christmas gift I received that day, although I didn’t tell any of the kids that at the time.  What was the gift that was hug-worthy?  A back scratcher… extendable back scratcher….a gift I bought on a whim with the idea it would be tossed aside without a second thought….I guess his back is itchier than I thought!

LaLa was the most laid back out of all the kids – even after opening up the one “big” gift of the day – an I-Pod Touch.  Hun and I debated whether or not to get it…not that LaLa doesn’t deserve one, she does, but because she didn’t actually ask for it.  She’s instead been hinting at an I-Phone or similar “smart” phone.  We actually wanted to get her one, but one little detail kept both Hun and I from taking the step of actually getting one for her….the extended cost.  We both agreed that if LaLa already had a job (she’s almost 17 and hasn’t bothered looking too hard), we wouldn’t have hesitated.  So, the Touch was the compromise we came up with.  She was excited to open it and spent all day trying to figure out what she could down-load.

We were worried that Monkey would be super jealous of everyone else’s gifts.  She’s the one that’s been bugging us for the Touch for the last several years (which wouldn’t have happened at this point, even with her attitude and behavior lately), but she handled her sister getting one instead with a quiet grace that is seldom seen from her these days.  It didn’t hurt that LaLa let her download the new CD’s Monkey received to the playlist.  She stated she enjoyed all of her gifts and was thankful to everyone who got her a gift.  She spent most of the day putting on and taking off the various colors of finger nail polish she got (seriously…when are they going to design the nail polish device from Total Recall where you only have to touch your nail with a stylist to change colors….huh?).

As for Hun and I – we both got really cool gifts from the kids as well.  Hun was (mostly) surprised at what he got from everyone and I got…well…I got most of the things on my list.  Including a Corvette!  Dharma earned herself the Super-Special-Sister-In-Law-Of-The-Year Award and got me this:


My very own ‘Vette – a 2009 Corvette Stingray Concept

What more could a girl ask for?