Okay, this wasn’t exactly a text, but an email exchange.  I didn’t want to start a new series – so sue me!

My Dad has probably the best sense of humor I know.  I’m pretty sure I get my humor from him and whenever we get together, there’s usually laughter involved.  Here’s his email exchange regarding a Christmas present for my Mom (his wife) with me that had me cracking up laughing!

Dad:  Do you know if you, Hun, Dharma or Greg plan on getting Mom the __________________ gift she has told everyone about?  I found a _____________ I would like to get her, but don’t want to make a move until I know something.  Last thing she needs is three of them!

Me:  As far as I’m aware of, none of us got her _______________.  I think Greg and Dharma are doing _______________ for her and I don’t think it includes one.  I know we didn’t get her that.  We are more creative than that!  🙂  {teasing!}

Dad:  Really……  Craft stuff for her birthday!?!  Snicker {doodle} {HINT}  I’ve had the creativity beat out of me over all these years.  GREAT!!!!  The ____________ is mine!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

P.S.  Mom – you know we love you!  Your Christmas is going to be great this year!!  And NO, I’m not going to tell you what he thought of, you’ll just have to wait for Christmas.  As far as Dad’s humor….well….all I can say is:  You Married Him!!!  🙂

P.S.S  Dad – I’m sorry I got you in trouble!  All I can say is….You Married Her!  🙂