It seems that I’m on a blog-posting roll lately.  I’ve had some time (not really – I’m actually hiding in my bedroom from life) and some slightly funny things happening lately.

Take this past weekend for example.  In an effort to get going on my holiday shopping, Dharma and I went out shopping for the day.  Before picking her up, I stopped at Michael’s (a craft store near us that I *think* is nation-wide) to see if they had any homecoming mum supplies on sale.  Turns out they didn’t, but they did have several bins of Halloween items marked down 80%.

Never one to turn down a sale – I checked everything out with a discerning eye towards what would give me the biggest bang for my buck.  And then I spotted them.  Several bags of individually packaged Halloween stickers, each bag holding 12 boxes of 5 stickers each (about the size of an individual sized box of Nerds candy).  Marked down to only 0.50 cents per bag, an item like this was perfect as a give-away in addition to candy for the cute little trick-or-treaters we get every year.

Last year, I scored big on Halloween themed bubble bottles for 0.25 cents per package (there were around 30 bottles per package, so I bought 4 boxes…..ahem….in other words….all they had).  I was afraid they would be dried out after spending the year in our attic, but for a total of $1.00 investment, I was willing to take the chance.  They didn’t seem to suffer any – woohoo!  As I’m giving out candy and bubbles on Halloween night, the kids were more excited about the bubbles than anything else I could have dropped in their bags.

Child after child commented, “Mama!!! LOOK!!!!  She gave me BUBBLES!!!!”  One small child almost refused to leave our porch because all he wanted to do was blow bubbles.  His mom had to promise him that he could blow bubbles as they walked to get him to move.  It was so cute!  The teenagers who came by after the little kids were already home, asked, one after another, “Can I have a bottle of bubbles too?”

Don’t get me wrong, they all took the candy too, but the bubbles were a HUGE hit!

So, with this recent success fresh in my mind, I scooped up 9 bags of stickers (…..ummmm….again….all they had) and headed for the register.  A young man offered to ring my purchases up (and by young, I mean younger than me, but supposedly old enough – I’d guess early 20’s).  As he’s struggling to get the register to ring the price up correctly, he comments on the Halloween stickers and how I had a lot of packages.

I attempted to regale him with my awesome shopping prowess of the year before and how much of a success it was for Halloween this year and I can’t wait to give out the stickers to the kids next year, when he interrupted me:

With a confused look on his face, he commented, “But….I thought…..” (far away look enters his eyes) “didn’t…..Halloween….” (I could see the wheels turning in that mind of his) “wasn’t it……” (smoke was about to pour out of his ears)…….

“Isn’t Halloween already over?” he finally gets out.

Poor kid……