Hun is always sending me texts that crack me up.  Partly because he’s funny, partly because I have a slightly “off” sense of humor.  So, to share with the world what cracks me up, I’m starting a Funny Texts series.  I’ll post whenever I get a text that cracks me up.


For a touch of background – I’ve been thinking of offering to mentor Jetsam ever since I met her for the first time.  That’s been over ten years ago.  I haven’t offered yet, simply because the little bit of help Hun and I have offered to her (that didn’t outright involve giving her money) has been overwhelmingly rejected.

Some of the responses she has been giving us in the last 6 months or so has made me rethink my offer.  She might actually be open to the suggestion now, so the subject has been on my mind.  Here is my text conversation to Hun about it:

Me:  How would you feel if I offered to Jetsam to mentor her?  Try to get her in a better place.  It would be better for the kids as well.

Hun:  Pbbbbbbtt, ok, I don’t think she would accept.

Me:  I know, I think the same thing.  Would you mind though if I offered?  And how would you feel if she actually accepts?

Hun:  You can offer, how would you help her?

Me:  Offer to take her to dinner (every few months or so), talk and give suggestions on how to get further in life.  I’m not going to give her money or anything like that.  Mostly a “you want to have a life like mine, this is how you do it” type of thing.

Hun:  You aren’t trying to return me, like a pair of pants that don’t fit?

Me:  Ahahahahahaha!!!  No I wasn’t thinking that, but now that you mentioned it……

Hun:  You’re stuck with me, like an STD