This past weekend was our state’s Bands of America marching competition and our high school band was part of it.  The boys, Buddy and Rowdy, are both in marching band, so I, my Mom and Dharma made the 5 hour trip to the tourist hot-spot mecca to watch everyone perform on Friday night.  We stayed the night and I watched the awards ceremony on Saturday afternoon.  Hun would have gone as well, but Monkey was in a play Friday night and LaLa had to be on a bus early Saturday morning for a totally different field trip that was a 5 hour bus ride in the opposite direction.

Have I mentioned lately how hectic our lives have become?

Anyway – the band did wonderful in my opinion!  Here’s a picture of their final formation:

The boys are in there somewhere!

Of course, the judges had a totally different opinion of their performance than I did.  They came in 18th overall and 22nd in their class division.  Not horrible considering there were 62 bands competing all together.  Not great either considering how many hours and hours of practice they have put in over the last 4 months.

I’m still very proud of them and I hope they had a blast with the experience!

I’m also very proud of Mom and Dharma – they both survived the weekend without either of them getting entirely offended at the other.  We’re even planning an encore trip with our spouses together for next year so we all can experience the greatness we discovered this past weekend together.  The fact that they survived with minimal injury to the other is something to be explored a bit more considering their history…..

You see – Mom is mom to my brother Greg.  Dharma is new wife to my brother Greg.  Both of them insist that the other is totally different from the other – that neither of them have anything in common with the other.  As a somewhat “referee” to both of them over a 3 day, 2 night trip with sharing a hotel and bathroom together – let me tell you – they’re both the same!!

Yes, Mom – I know you’re reading this.

Yes, Dharma – I know you’re reading this.

Both of you – face facts – you’re just alike!!  Please!  It’ll be easier on everyone if you’ll just realize, embrace and accept this fact.  There is nothing wrong with being like the other.

  • Both of you want to be in control of a situation.

I realize that allowing anyone else to have any piece of control that you yourself may feel the need to have is grounds for a panic attack – I get that since I do the same thing.  Just please try to realize that with this need for control – it usually means the other has everything under control!  She might not do it exactly as you would – but she has it under control and can handle it.  If she doesn’t need or want help – it’s not a slam against you.  I promise!

Unless, of course, you’re meaning it as a slam against the other – in that case – STOP IT!!

  • Both of you are very strong willed.

Being strong willed can be a good thing – it really can!  If you will let it be a good thing that is.  It usually means that you stand by your convictions and opinions.  It usually means that you are the type of person that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  And it can also mean that you have a stubborn streak in you a mile long, even when you’re wrong.

The two of you are playing tug-of-war for the same prize.  There is plenty to be gained if you’ll just drop the rope and work together.

  • Both of you have your own quirks.

This too is a good thing!  Not everyone can be the same – life would be boring if it was.  Recognize the differences in each other and celebrate them!  Please don’t use those differences to tear each other apart.  Life is so much more fun when we’re all laughing together.

Now – I know this post may make you want to comment, call or email me about how wrong I am about the other.  Just remember – I have a computer, keyboard and blog and I know how to use it!  So let this final paragraph be your threa….t…uh….I mean….warning…..uh…. suggestion – yeah!  Suggestion!  Let this final paragraph be your suggestion to keep your responses civil both to me and each other and we’ll all be happy.

By the way – I can’t wait to have another weekend with you two – I had a blast!