A few weekends ago, I spent a weekend away with my Divas.  The Divas are my group of girl-friends who have self-proclaimed ourselves to be…well…Divas.  Some of us started out as family, some as friends, some as neighbors, and some as co-workers – we are all Sisters in this life.

To look at us, it’s unlikely we would be friends to the outside world.  We have a sweetheart, a redneck, an ordained preacher, the girl-next-door, the wife of an ex-husband, and an evil step-mom just to name a few.  I’ll let you figure out which one I am on your own.  We are single, married, divorced, and some of us have been all of those things at some point or another, sometimes all at the same time (that one is a complicated story!).  Some of us have known each other for years, some for a very short time.

When we get together, there have been as few as 2 of us and as many as 17.  We have monthly dinners, yearly camping trips and parties throughout the year.  No matter what the occasion – we bring the party with us.  Whether it is a birthday, Scentsy or pity party, we love getting together and love each other.

Come as you are – we’ll accept you into our world and call you Diva too.

When life starts becoming too life-like, we’re there for each other.  Our camping weekend was one of those times.  A time to relax, laugh, drink, and be our silly selves.  No men, no kids, no work – just fresh air, a warm campfire and the girls.

One of the Divas, Sara, was retelling a story about how much of a klutz she is and commented that she can stand falling still.  While we cracked up laughing, she sat there with the most confused look on her face, repeating – what’s so funny about standing falling still?  It took her a moment to realize her mistake.  I told everyone that it was going to be one of my next blog post titles – I didn’t know at the time how appropriate it would be.

Ever since that moment, I’ve been thinking about what it means to stand falling still.  I think about comma placement and emphasis (yes, I have nerd tendencies too…..):

Stand, falling still

Stand falling, still

Stand, falling, still

I’m all of these things right now.  My life is chaos and there is no end in sight.  Kids asserting their independence, school schedules that are all over the place – pulling us in four different directions at once, my job asking for more and more commitment (not necessarily a bad thing, but has me scared to death), Hun wanting confirmation that our marriage is strong and we’ll weather the storms together.

And so life marches on, and on, and on, and on.

What does “stand falling still” mean for you?