Have you ever wanted to ask that question of someone who was totally acting out of character?  Usually, I’m asking the question of one of my kids when they’re acting all sweet and innocent, “Who are you and what have you done with my child?  And oh, by the way, what did you do wrong?”

But not this time.  This time, I’m asking it about Jetsam.

Twice now, within the last 2 weeks, she has supported Hun and I in decisions we have had to make about Rowdy.  I alluded to it in the last post and she shocked me again this week by going a step further.  I’m starting to wonder if the end of the world is right around the corner.

Rowdy has decided that marching band is lame and he no longer wants to pursue it.  He wants to drop out, even after Jetsam, Hun and I all talked to him about following through on your commitments and not signing up for something that you’re not sure about.  While I’m disappointed in his choice, this post is about Jetsam and her reaction to what’s going on.  But a little background first:

He assured us that he was going to do the work.  Jetsam pointed out to him (in front of Hun and I) that band costs a lot of money and dropping out shouldn’t be considered lightly.  The attitude he gave her was met with a proclamation that she would see to it that he paid us back any money we had already spent if he didn’t follow through like he claimed he was going to.  She commented that we had gone through a lot of time and effort to make sure he was at practice, had the materials he needed and we weren’t asking too much of him to do his part in an activity he signed himself up for.

Hun and I just looked at each other in wonder.  Who is this woman and what did she do with Jetsam?  The one who always sided with Rowdy, no matter what his lame excuse for the day happened to be?  The one who always blamed Hun and me for whatever issue of the week might be?  The one who was always right by virtue of her Golden Uterus by giving birth to four children?

We were truly shocked at the difference in attitude displayed by her.

Her speech did little to change Rowdy’s mind.  He still skipped practices and ramped up his attitude with us even more.  He got himself grounded from his X-Box 360 and we hid it in our room.  The next day, we discovered it gone and hidden in his room, packed up to take to Jetsam’s house.  Grounded even harder for daring to decide his punishment was on his terms and not ours, the X-Box 360 now calls my work office home until we decide it needs to come back.  The attitude notch went up another 10 pegs for us DARING to take his precious X-Box away from him that he paid for himself.

So now we’re into this week where Rowdy is still pushing the limits and attempting to convince me that his attitude will all go away if I’ll just do what he wants.  Ummm….let me think about it.


Unfortunately, Hun isn’t here to help me as he’s out of town for work.  Queue stubborn step-mom in all of her bull-headed glory.  Long story short, I was finally able to get Rowdy to do the one chore I asked him to do (wash the dishes) – but it only took two and a half hours to accomplish that.  Grrh…..stubborn, bull-headed, teenage-know-it-alls…..

Wonder of wonders, Jetsam called in the middle of it all and wanted to speak with me.  Apparently, Rowdy had called her earlier in the day complaining about how horrible Hun and I were being towards him and she…..gasp….wanted my side of the story.  We talked for almost 40 minutes about the challenges that Rowdy is putting us all through at the current time.  Some of the highlights:

She’s at a loss of how to get through her son’s attitude and appreciates the effort that Hun and I are going through.

She’s been jealous and mad at us in the past for taking custody of the kids, but is realizing she was more upset because she wasn’t there for the kids like she wants to be.

Her life has been hard and she’s trying to correct it and be a better role model for her kids and teach them not to make the same choices in life that she has.

She knows she hasn’t been nice to me over the years, but she really appreciates all of my hard work and effort that I’ve put in for her kids’ benefit.

Ummm……thank you?

Seriously – thank you Jetsam.  I appreciate the acknowledgement – more than you might realize at this very stressful time in my life.  We’ll get through the difficult teenage years together – after all, it’s only 4 more years until Rowdy turns 18…..