I missed it.

With all of the hustle and bustle of my life right now, I missed it.

My one year anniversary of posting to this blog came and went without so much as an acknowledgement from me.

That’s right – some of you have been gracious enough to be still with me over a year later.  And I want to thank you for that.

When I first started posting, I really thought it would be in a humorous vein – that was my intent anyway.  For those that remember, it all started because of some emails I was sending to friends and family about my adventures in exercising.  Those emails were funny!  And then life took over and the darker sides of living in a blended family, and life itself, started to bleed through.

My life right now continues to be a challenge and a balancing act.  Some days I’m more successful at it than others.  Yesterday was a successful day – I got all of my errands and laundry done.  Today is still questionable…..  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

New Subject:

In less than 3 weeks, we’ll officially have 3 high schoolers and 1 junior high attendee living in our house.  We’re down to only having to register the kids in 2 schools now instead of 3.  WHEW!  That was hard before and I was so happy when they finally put registration on-line.

LaLa is still learning how to drive.  She’s timid behind the wheel and hasn’t learned depth-perception just yet.  She thinks she’s fine while I’m hanging on for dear life.  We’ve temporarily given up on teaching her the 5-speed standard transmission for now.  She was overwhelmed trying to remember to shift, remembering which pedal to use and when, while watching for vehicles, turning on her blinker and not hitting anything.  At her current rate, she’s going to be riding the bus for the first half of her junior year.

Buddy is, yet again, my odd-ball child.  He cannot wait for school to start, is excited to be starting marching band and has been gung-ho about it from day one.  He’s attended all of the voluntary practices (even walking the 2.6 miles in the heat to and from practice) and is wondering how he will be able to have a job between all of the practices he’s currently attending.

Rowdy is being his typical self.  He has strong opinions on how life should be lived – unfortunately, those opinions are not very realistic.  You see, he is also going into marching band and claims he’s going to do the work – maybe, eventually, someday.  He’s been to less than half of the practices.  He claims the directors are being too harsh by taking up all of their summer vacation by scheduling practices.  He ignores the fact that the amount of practice being asked of him takes up less than 24 hours – total.  Wonder of wonders, Jetsam backed Hun and me up with concerns we had regarding his attendance (if I get a chance, I’ll post about that next).  We’ll see how long he lasts once school starts.

Monkey is entering into 6th grade and is no longer a “little” kid in her eyes.  She’s excited to finally be allowed to do some things that we’ve thus far asked her to wait on.  She finally gets to wear dangling earings – studs will be a thing of the past.  She gets to stay up later.  In Junior High, we allow the kids to wear flip flops – something she’s been begging us to wear for 2 years now (they’re required to change into gym cloths this year, as opposed to just going to recess in Elementary School).  We’re such horribly mean parents.

As the hustle and bustle of a new school year starts, I hope to have more adventures to share with you.  After all, we’ll have football games, marching competitions and more adventures in driving.  I’m sure there will be more to entertain you with over this next year.

Stay tuned!