Hey there!  Hi!  How are you?  How have you been?

It’s been a while hasn’t it?  Sorry about that – I’ve been swamped at work and I’ve missed talking to you.  There’s been so much going on work wise, that I barely have time to worry about anything else.  I really hate the fact that I’ve been neglecting you though – I’m sorry about that.

I’ve got several stories to relate though, so I’ll try and catch you up on everything over the next several posts.  The first I found very funny and insulting all wrapped up in one easy to blog about post:

My latest doctor’s visit.

Yes, this doctor-phobic chick has actually seen multiple physicians in the last 45 days – probably more visits than my entire life (yes, I realize this is ironic considering I now work in the Medical Staff Office with physicians as my full time job).  The Internal Medicine doctor (the Latin lady that “thinks” she’s funny by making me laugh about being a “difficult” patient) referred me to an endocrinologist for my thyroid diagnosis.

He (the endocrinologist) did my exam, studied my lab work and sonogram results, did another quickie sonogram in his office and declared me to be “a broken down old car”.


Really?  A broken down old car?  Me?  Great….

Seriously – he said this to me.  Or rather waxed poetic with, “When you have an old vehicle with a dented fender, a leaking transmission, torn up interior and a flat tire – you can fix the dent, repair the leak and replace the interior; but if you don’t change the flat tire, you’re not going to go anywhere.”  He seems to think that my lack of energy is not so much thyroid related, but rather a case of my previously-injured knee hurting me, so I don’t bother to do anything so it doesn’t hurt.

His diagnosis for a better me?  Replace the flat tire (fix the knee), more lab work to check other hormones/vitamin levels (check the leaking transmission), work on losing weight (fix the dented fender), complete a sleep study for possible sleep apnea (ripped interior), and do all of this before the next appointment in 30 days.


He’s lucky that I even bothered to show up to see HIM let alone complete all of these assignments in the next month.

Well, it’s been a month since I’ve seen him.

I’m happy to report that I did see a new orthopedist for my knee (I hated the doctor that did the original surgery).  He let me know that all of the exercises I was originally doing a year ago were what reinjured my knee and gave me a list of new exercises to do.  The good news is I will not need additional surgery any time soon (like I feared and why I hadn’t been back when the pain first started back up), the bad news is I’m going to have to get shots to help the beginning stage arthritis that is setting in – I’m just waiting on insurance at this point to approve the treatment.  Boo to more needles!

I did follow through on the additional blood tests.  For me, if I don’t have an appointment set, it’s a good possibility that I’m not going to show up to do what you want me to do.  I have to have that prompt and a reminder to do this event – especially if it involves pain and needles.  So, for me to willingly and without an appointment set up walk in to the clinic to have blood taken is a big deal.  Seriously – why do people willingly let someone else to cause them pain?  They’re just not right in the head.

I did not follow through with the wonderful opportunity to subject myself to someone staring at me while I sleep.  After Hun and I talked, we decided that the sleep study for sleep apnea was probably premature and going over-board in the “making sure everything is examined” aspect of today’s medicine treatments.  We’re both pretty sure that the minor issues I’m having with sleeping and tiredness are all weight related since I’ve gained so much weight in the last 2 years (more than I want to admit to even on here….but neither am I some 400 pound dude sitting in my momma’s basement either).

But for me – the icing on the cake was my follow up appointment with the endocrinologist earlier this week.  Well…actually with his Physician’s Assistant (which, by the way, I like her much, MUCH better – she didn’t call me a broken down old car!).  My thyroid levels are still not where they need to be – still very low; so an adjustment to those meds are happening.  My vitamin levels are wacky – very low on Vitamin D and B12 – both of which will also contribute to feelings of no energy.  I did get a pat on the back and an “Atta-girl!” for following up on my knee and getting new exercises to be working on.

But, there are more pills, more blood tests, and more doctors in my future.

Have I mentioned how much I hate going to the doctor?