It’s been a while since I talked about The Mistress last.

The sad fact is, The Mistress has been cast off from our house.  She is no longer welcome to grace our presence.  And she has caused quite the uproar because of it……

She is no longer an object of status in our neighborhood; parked next to the house to proclaim to the world that the man that lives here has some major cajones to enjoy both a wife and a Mistress on a regular basis.

She is no longer sleeping less than 10 feet away from my matrimonial bed, mocking me with the knowledge that DH goes to sleep thinking about her instead of me.

She is no longer causes DH to spontaneously jump up in the middle of the night because he “thought he heard a noise around his baby!”  (Which….by the way….he sleeps right through the times the Mistress has actually been messed with.)

She is no longer sitting next to the house with all of her sparkle and bling, putting the house to shame.

She is no longer killing my grass, just for spite.

So….what is she up to these days?

She is working against us with the city to cause us stress regarding possible fines and penalties – stupid concrete parking spot rule…..

She is causing us extra money every month to now store her at another location.

She is causing Hun to be stressed out because now he has to find the time to go visit her.

She is causing my house to be messier (how?  Hun isn’t comfortable leaving all of his rods, reels and baits in the Mistress now, away from his watchful eye, so these items have to go somewhere – my front entryway seems to be the location.)

And last but not least…..

She is causing Hun and me to actually have to spend time with each other.

Who knew having an MIA Mistress would be positive for a marriage?