Okay – it’s time.

Time for what?

It’s time for me to get off my butt and work on my bathroom again.

You know – that project I started over 2 years ago?  Okay, maybe you don’t….  Remember, the one that involved ripping out the main bathroom in my house down to the studs?  Still nothing huh?

Well…I guess I should give you a little back ground then…

Once upon a time….in a mentally stable mind far, far away….I had a dream of remodeling the main bathroom.  There was mold growing in the shower and behind the shower surround, the cast-iron bathtub was starting to rust through the porcelain, floor tiles were broken and coming loose, wallpaper was peeling, the toilet was leaking, and an overall sense of decay was going on.  Cleaning the room was next to impossible as it just made the area look less grungy.

So Hun and I decided to rip the room apart and start from scratch.

We found hundreds of old, used razor blades in between the walls behind the sink (because that’s what they used to do to dispose of their old razors – the wall eats them for eternity apparently).  We discovered that the floor in the bathroom was really a suspended concrete slab above our pier and beam foundation (that was interesting!).  We ripped out and replaced cast-iron plumbing pipes that looked solid on the outside but were being slowly corroded away on the inside.

We now have a new floor, new ceiling, new electrical, new plumbing, new tub, new toilet, new cabinets, new trim and new tile.  Everything in the main bathroom is new – even some of the supporting beams and studs as some of those were water damaged (although we found very little evidence of termite damage in this part of the house compared to other areas).

Sounds like the bathroom is complete doesn’t it?   Well….that’s where you’d be wrong.

For the last year, I’ve been stuck on two main parts of the bathroom – painting and correcting the shower grout.  Every time I walk into the area, I am overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness of ever finishing the project.

The cabinets were custom built and are massive.  Then Hun wanted to install bead-board and a chair rail for visual appearances.  Not to mention the crown molding and floor trim.  I was so overwhelmed with the sheer amount of painting to be done, that I would walk in, stare at the project for 5-10 minutes and walk right back out.  It would be weeks before I had the energy to think about walking back in again.

Then there was the debacle of the shower tile grout.  We have tiled before.  The master bathroom’s tile looks great!  The main bathroom tile – not so much.  As I was applying the grout, it was drying on me faster than I could manipulate it and clean it off the tile.  There are gaping holes in the grout and areas that with just a little bit of pressure cause the grout to crumble.  Every time I look at the grout, I just want to cry at the injustice of it all.  Complaining to the big-box stores got us nowhere.  They claimed operator error due to inexperience.  That may be a possibility, but I truly believe we bought a bad batch of grout – but according to the stores, that couldn’t possibly be what happened.  {{sigh}}  So, a HUGE part of our project has been delayed until I have the energy to deal with it again.

The reality is we don’t have much left to finish this project:

  • Finish painting the cabinet doors (did I mention there are 9 doors – including the main bathroom door – to be painted still?).
  • Another coat of paint on the walls.
  • Install the bathroom countertop and sink (not hard, but we’re custom building the countertop due to the custom cabinets, so we’re tiling the counter with the 1” glass tiles – it will look great when done!  The sink will just drop in and hook up once the tiling is done.).
  • Install the vanity lights, timer switch for the vent fan, new switch for the overhead lights and put up all supporting electrical trim.
  • Repair the bathtub/shower grout.
  • Install the mirror.
  • Install toilet paper holder and towel hooks.
  • Decorate.

Piece of cake I tell you!

So….why am I writing this blog post instead of working on it?  Uh….