Morning everyone!! 

I have taken some much needed time off away from everything for the last week.  Doesn’t mean the drama that is my life has slowed down any though….

Dharma and Greg were married last weekend and are returning from their honeymoon today.  I have been so tempted to blog about the pre-wedding adventure – I even had their approval.  However, based on everything that happened between the players in my family, I figured it was best if I kept my mouth shut.  I still love everyone and it appears everyone is still talking to each other, so I’ll just leave it at that.

One thing that I am going to blog about – just because I find it so hilariously funny is Dharma’s comment about their destination choice for the honeymoon.  They went on a Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean – Greg has been before, but this was Dharma’s first experience.  Her biggest fear in getting on the boat/ship is that they would be hit by an iceberg.  An ICEBERG… The CARIBBEAN.  

She knows it is an irrational fear, but a fear none the less.  I guess she got enough flack from everyone about the iceberg that she changed her fear to being shwashbuckled by pirates – after all, Captain Jack Sparrow was in the Caribbean!  Hey!  It could happen!!

Subject Change:

Flotsam is still pulling his tricks.  A couple of weeks ago, he asked if we could change days for visitation due to the heat.  We’ve done this in past summers as it just gets too hot to visit outside so we move visitation indoors to the library.  The weekend he asked about changing was the weekend before the wedding and I was busy with preparation plans.  Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem, but he literally waited until the last minute to ask – Saturday morning at 10am for a 1pm start time.

Now, over the last 15+ years, I have learned with Flotsam that if you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile in what he can get away with.  My answer to him was the weekend was booked and I had planned on visitation being on Sunday, not Saturday and we needed to wait until the next visitation to change the date.  He said that was fine, he’d just visit with Buddy the next day like originally planned.  Until the next day that is…..he called at 11am and told Buddy he was too sick to come to visitation.  {Rolls eyes}  Yeah…I believe that….whatever – he probably had something else planned that he preferred to do other than spend the time with his son.

And then, this week he called to make a deal with me.  It seems he is wwwaaayyyy behind on his child support for Buddy (I’ve given up keeping track of it and turned it over to the state to keep track of).  The only thing is, Flotsam’s still under probation for domestic assault/violence so every aspect of his life is examined, which means being up-to-date on his child support.  I’m sure the probation officer is getting on to him about this little tidbit. 

What was his deal?  To paint my house for me since it so obviously needs it (which it does, but that’s beside the point).  This man supposedly cannot get a job because he’s in so much pain…..but he can paint my house for me?  Whatever.  He insisted I think about it before giving him an answer.  I told him I didn’t have to think about it – child support is now recorded by the state and doesn’t allow for easy reporting of bartering situations.  He wasn’t impressed by my logical reasoning, thanked me for my time and then hung up on me.

I’m heartbroken I tell you.

New Subject:

Jetsam provides all sorts of endless heartburn in various forms and fashions.  There are days I wonder if she does it on purpose…then there are the days that I can’t help but wonder if she really is as dense as she acts like.  This last week is no exception.

The kids spent 2 days at her house for visitation and Monkey came back with bites all over her legs and stomach.  The same type of bites that Rowdy came home with on his feet whenever he spent Memorial Day weekend with her – only at that point he insisted they were chigger bites.  Instead of arguing with him (as they didn’t look like chigger bites to me), I just let it go.  Now, Monkey insists that Jetsam’s house is infested with bedbugs! 


I set the kids down, explain how serious an infestation can be and what we have to do to protect our house from getting infested as well.  Nothing they take to their mom’s house can come back into our house until it’s been washed, cleaned or otherwise de-bugged to the best of our ability.  They should limit anything they take to things that we can clean easily until the problem is corrected – no blankets, no pillows, limited amounts of cloths, etc.  Monkey’s response was – Can you call my mom and tell her this, she doesn’t know what to do to take care of them.

Double ACK!!!!

Why oh why should I be the one that bails Jetsam out of her issue?  Oh, that’s right, because I care about my house not being infested.  Called Jetsam up to discuss the issue and she claimed she was taking steps to correct the problem.  Dousing the house in bleach was her solution.  She claimed that she got the suggestion from her sister and from checking the internet.


Based on my own very quick search on the internet that brought back over 240 million hits – bleach is a poor solution to bedbugs and doesn’t address the main problem of getting rid of them.  I explained to Jetsam what she needed to be doing to get them out of her house.  After every suggestion, she responded with a comment of, “I had thought about wrapping the mattresses up in plastic, but didn’t know how effective that would be.”  Or, “I had thought about vacuuming the area, but there is no carpet, so I didn’t think that would work.”  Or, “I planned on bombing the house; I didn’t realize that just drives them deeper into the cracks.”

{Double Sigh}

Now I’m tempted to clean her house myself just to make sure my own house doesn’t get infested (if it isn’t already….).

(Begin whiney mode)  I don’t wanna clean her house!  I don’t wanna have to buy the correct items for her to ensure her things are taken care of to protect my house!!  I don’t wanna be the responsible one anymore!!!  I don’t wanna have to deal with issues like this in my life!!!!  I shouldn’t have to!!  This isn’t fair!!  I’ve got enough problems in my life without a dense ex-wife adding to them!!!  (End whiney mode)

Is it any wonder why I need a break from life?