I think I’m gonna faint….

wait…. (picking myself up)

Yep… (there I go again….aim for the soft spot Karaboo!)

Anyway….got a call from Rowdy at work today (getting a call from any of the kids while on summer break almost 99.99% guarantees that someone is hurt/tattling/screaming/crying/hungry/stuffed-in-the-dryer/playing-w-knives/etc).

Is it any wonder I never want to answer the calls from home anymore….

Anyway – Rowdy called to….to…..ask if he could give the puppies a bath!

(How did I end up on the floor again?  Oh…right) 

I’m okay!!

(Thud….OUCH!….okay – that time hurt)

Uh….I think I’m okay….anyway….he actually followed through! AND washed their blankets/beds too!!!

(Why is the room spinning?  On the floor?  Again?  Crap!)

This is the same know-it-all/disrespectful/barely a teenager kid I disengaged/quit talking to a few weeks ago! And he’s actually said please, thank you and had a rational conversation with me – all within the last 24 hours!

(I think I’m becoming quite fond of the floor, it’s hard but comfy down here….)

A sure sign that The Zombie Apocolypse MUST be coming – it’s the only explanation that makes sense!