It’s Tuesday.

The day after a long holiday weekend.

I went back at work after being off for 3 days…..I’m thrilled if you haven’t noticed.

I will say the weekend was fairly non-productive. Camping out on my cousin’s property was fun, visiting with everyone was even better, and not getting burnt to a crisp while swimming at the lake was just icing on the cake. Rest and relaxation all around is a good thing for me right now.

Also – for me, it was odd that not all of our kids were there camping with us. Technically, it was Jetsam’s weekend with the kids, but only Rowdy wanted to spend it with his mom. LaLa and Monkey preferred to go camping with us. Hun and I have never made an issue of which weekend the kids are where – unless we have something specific planned for all of them (like vacation). However, up until now – this is the first weekend that they have gone separate ways without an illness of some sort being involved. I’ll expand more about this development in a moment.

On a positive note – I was able to talk with my cousin’s wife who is about 15 years older than me. I have recently been told by my physician that I have a thyroid condition – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to be exact. What does talking to my cousin and my thyroid have in common? She’s been through the same things I’m currently experiencing, so I got a chance to talk to her about it a little. Thankfully, she understood exactly where I’m at – perpetually exhausted, wanting to scream one minute and crying the next, and lack of motivation for anything.

My general physician is fairly new to me – recommended by my boss – and she cracks me up! I suspected I had something going on with my thyroid when I went to see her. Having pain in your throat that isn’t related to allergies at least suggests something is wrong. Sure enough, after blood tests and a sonogram, she diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and prescribed meds and a follow up a month later. I reported back to her last month with a small increase in energy, but the moodiness and pain are still sporadically present.

Her response? “You’re no longer an easy patient”, said in a slight South American Latin accent. Okay – maybe that was just funny to me and you had to be there. At least she is sending me to a specialist that I see in a couple of weeks.

Back to Rowdy.

Hun picked Rowdy up from Jetsam Monday afternoon. He had 3 whole days to spend with his mom with only Flounder to compete with for attention from her. So how did he spend the weekend? At his friend’s house – for the entire 3 days.

He happened to brag about that to one of the girls as I was walking through the living room. I stopped, looked at him and commented, “I thought you were spending the weekend with your mom? Don’t you think that spending your visitation weekend with her would actually mean spending it visiting with her, and not your friend?”

All I got was a shrug of the shoulders in response.

And yet he says I’m the one who is disrespectful…..shesh!!