I’m barely able to keep my eyes open as I type this.  I’m supposed to be eating dinner, but I’m afraid my head might land in my pizza and pepperoni in my hair probably won’t be a look that will be fashionable anytime soon.  I’d love to go straight to bed, but alas, I have more work to do.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a snapshot of the next few months:

These aren’t even complete – this is just a quick outline of what I could remember off the top of my head.  This is how stressed I am lately. 

Here’s a brief outline of what you’re looking at:

  • Coworker is out on leave of absence for anywhere between 4-8 weeks.  She’s allowed up to 12 weeks with FMLA.  So, I’m doing my job (that I barely know) and her job (that she barely trained me for – that she’s been doing for 20 years).  I’ve been doing 10 hour days for the last 2 weeks and that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.
  • Dharma and Greg are getting married on June 9th.  I am the official/unofficial wedding planner for the event.  When necessary, I’ve been spending time with Dharma finalizing plans when we both have a couple of free hours.  That’s worked out to about 4 hours total in the last 2 months.  The wedding is now 6 weeks away.  Her sister was going to be her Maid of Honor, but cannot make the trip from out of state, so I’ve been asked to fill in.  I am honored to stand up for both of them.  However, my dress is scheduled to come in May 30th.  And it will probably need to be altered…..no, I’m not stressing about this at all….
  • As the newly appointed MOH, I am now hosting the Bridal Shower (May 12th) – which it just so happens to also be Mother’s Day weekend.  I didn’t think about that when I scheduled it.  Forgive me attendees!!!  Oh…and don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs….grass stains aren’t very fashionable either.
  • I currently have only one working bathroom in my house.  This is my own fault (well…Hun takes some responsibility as well) that it hasn’t been completed before now.  My goal is to have it back in working condition by the 12th for the shower.  Maybe I’ll make it……maybe.  If I do get it complete, you can bet you’ll see a post about it!
  • This weekend is our city’s dumpster day – we are allowed to take a truck load of trash to get rid of for free.  We have a pile of things that need to go, especially since I’m hosting a shower in less than 3 weeks.  Did I mention that this weekend is also the weekend of our family camping trip?  Or that both boys have a band event Saturday morning that they are supposed to be at?
  • The house looks like a tornado hit it.  At some point between now and May 12th, I’m going to have to do a major cleaning.  Yeah, let me pencil that in somewhere.  I can sleep next year.
  • Not to mention attending kids’ school events that seem to pop up at the last minute, doctor/dentist appointments, coordinating visitation with Flotsam and Jetsam, Hun’s fishing events, and my Diva Dinners. 

I’m sure I’m missing other things that should be on my calendars, I just can’t remember what those things are right now.

So please forgive me if I’ve been slacking on my regular posting schedule.  I really do intend to post more, I just don’t know how I’ll fit it in right now.  I figure by the time all of this is over with – my brain will be in a puddle on the ground around me.  You’ll need to mop me up…. 

I promise not to make too big of a mess if at all possible….