I know – I haven’t posted in a week!   My adoring fans miss me….I think….

Sorry – I’ve been busy – you know….having a life?  Just ignore for a moment the fact that I’ve been playing Castleville on Facebook every night for the last week…

Plus…Hun took my laptop with him when he left town.  The bastard!  Left me with the slow-as-molassas desktop that has kid-cooties all over it.  The only thing it’s good for is playing games…and I’m seriously questioning that claim at the moment.

I have tons of things going on that I’m eagerly awaiting posting about.  Here’s just a sampling (maybe to pique your interest just enough to keep coming back?):

  • My very own review of the book and movie The Hunger Games.  I know, I know – it’s been reviewed to death.  BUT – I have yet to see a review like I would like to post.  How’s that for a cliff-hanger?
  • More musings on Step-Family life.  I have one post that I’ve started to type up 3 times and have scraped it each time.  I know what I’m trying to convey, but the words just aren’t there for me yet.  I’ll get it out eventually….
  • Ranting and raving about my current work situation.  Why, oh why did I feel the need to change jobs?  Oh – right – a hefty raise was involved.  I guess I CAN be bought.
  • Volunteering my time with a Cancer Survivor camp that I have attended for the last 10 years.  No, I don’t have cancer, nor have I ever had cancer (knock on wood), but it has turned into a very rewarding opportunity for me over the years.
  • And a few other things that have been cluttering up my head over the last few weeks….

Just know that I haven’t forgotten about you….life has just gotten in the way like it usually does.

And….if you did forget about me – the reminder you just received drawing you back is part of my evil plan to take over the world….  Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!