Today is my 9th wedding anniversary to Hun.  Neither of us ever thought we would make it this far in our marriage.  Let’s face it – the statistics don’t lie.  People who divorce and then remarry have some of the highest rates of divorcing again in the country.  As this is our 2nd marriage for both of us, we didn’t enter into the marriage blind to those facts, but we did hold out hope that we would be among the lucky ones and beat the odds.  So far – we have!

Since this day is for remembering our love for each other, I want to share with you what I love about Hun the most:

I love his laugh, but I really love his giggle.  He has the best giggle of any grown man I know.  When something truly tickles him, this bear of a man turns into the greatest teddy bear I know and will let out this wonderful giggle.  It’s both shocking and heartwarming to hear it come from him because it’s usually so totally unexpected.

I love how he makes up little nicknames for me.  Karaboo – oh yeah, that’s totally him.  I hated the name at first (what woman doesn’t want to be referred to as a big, clumsy, goofy looking animal after all?), but after realizing that Hun was the first person to EVER give me a nickname of any kind, I came around to loving it.

I love how Hun melts into a puddle when there is a baby around.  He can’t help but make silly faces at them, giggle and play peek-a-boo.  I have yet to see a baby that didn’t instantly start smiling, cooing, or giggling themselves.  He just has that type of sway with babies.  While I hope that there is still 10 years (at minimum) before this happens, I can’t wait to see him with his own grandbabies.   They will have him wrapped around their little fingers.

I love that he can fix things.  So far, he has been able to fix anything I have thrown at him that was broken.  No, I didn’t break it by throwing it AT him….it was already broken, thankyouverymuch!  Vehicle making a funny noise?  He can fix it.  Toilet running all day and night?  He can fix that too.  Install a new ceiling fan?  Piece of cake!  He can almost do it with his eyes closed.  Need a brand new master bedroom and bathroom installed out of nothing?  Okay, that took us three years to complete from start to finish, but he/we did it!

I love his touch.  Hun loves to cuddle.  On the couch, in the vehicle, on the beach, in bed – it doesn’t matter where, he loves to curl up around me and I love it that he does.

I love his perfectionism – no really!  I do!  You see, he gets it when I’m having a total meltdown because something isn’t going perfect for me.  He’ll either help me to make it perfect, remind me that it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of life, or leave me alone in my tantrum.  Plus, we’re perfectionists at different things, so when he’s having a meltdown, I’m able to help him as well.

I love that he is still growing as a person.  He doesn’t automatically think he’s right (like Flotsam), he doesn’t think the world owes him anything (like Jetsam), and he listens to people’s opinions, gathers the facts, and then decides on his own how he will proceed.  Over the past 9+ years, we have had some knock-down, drag-out fights over things…..things that I can’t even remember what they were about.  Basically, we were fighting to have our own opinions, feelings and passions heard.  Neither of us had that in our first marriage and we’ve learned to listen to the other when we are disagreeing.  It’s usually for a good reason.  Except for our very first argument around 9 years ago about the Corvette (that we will maybe, someday, hopefully own) – I’m totally in the right on that one and he is so totally wrong!  I don’t care what Hun says about it!!

I even love that he loves The Mistress.  How else am I going to get time for myself for my spa days?

9 years and our love is still going strong.  Here’s to another 9 and beyond. 

I love you Hun.