Off to the races once again!

It’s been a couple of days since I posted and there’s a reason for that – I have needed a break!  There’s a lot going on around here it seems!  This is probably going to be another rambling post, so bear with me….

LaLa got to see the love of her life on Saturday – One Direction.  She screamed, she swooned, she cried, and that’s before the band even opened their mouths to sing.  I’m glad she got the experience of attending the concert with all of the other 4995 hormonal teenage girls that were there as well.  Believe it or not, there were some guys there too….all 5 of them (not including the singers or crew).

Also, after the concert, I was a good Step-Mommy and reminded LaLa that she needed to text her mom, Jetsam, that she didn’t get trampled or die in the melee.  Not sure if Jetsam appreciated that consideration, but at least LaLa thought her text to her about crying and not dying was hilarious!  (It rhymes!!  Giggle!)

In looking at my schedule for the month of April…..I have 3 days that aren’t booked solid or stressful in some way, form or fashion.  Because of that knowledge, I have been looking forward to this coming weekend with some anticipation.  This Thursday is Hun and my 9th wedding anniversary.  This weekend, the kids are going to Jetsam’s house.  Beginning Monday, Hun’s new company is sending him out of town for at least week for work (which means I’ll have 4 kids to deal with all on my lonesome, not to mention going to work, cooking dinner, keeping the house half-way clean, and everything else involved in running a household with only one parent present). 

I have a glorious weekend planned!!  Full of sleeping late, cuddling with Hun, and doing whatever the two of us want…..(Buddy is old enough to take care of himself at 15 and actually prefers for us to leave him alone on the weekends that Hun’s kids go to Jetsam’s house – more video game time for him this way….)

And then….

Rowdy called Jetsam just to talk (mostly about him coming over for visitation and playing his Xbox this weekend).  She informed him that she’s not sure if they should come over this weekend.  She has no food in the house to feed them and won’t have more money from food stamps until the first of the month.

What the hell!?!  What mother in their right mind tells their child that?

First of all, comments like that are only meant to stress a child out.  I don’t care if it’s the truth or not – a parent should never do that to a child.  If it is the truth, why didn’t she talk to Hun first?  Arrange for a switch in weekends, ask for some help with food for the kids (which we have done in the past – willingly, even if it wasn’t necessarily happily), anything – except for spilling the beans to a child like that. 

If it’s not the truth, then what could the motive possibly be…..

Maybe to make the child feel guilty for their parent and sibling?

Maybe to make the child feel responsible for their parent and sibling?

Maybe to make life miserable for a certain nameless step-parent?

Oh, I don’t know….maybe all 3?

Second, I swear it’s like Jetsam has some sort of super-human telepathy powers or something to know EXACTLY which weekend I would prefer the kids to be gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids very much and for the most part I love having them around. However, I’m not so naïve as to be blind to the fact that blended families have a huge advantage over traditional families in that we have built in baby-sitters.  On a fairly regular basis, we custodial parents have the opportunity for recharging without having to pay money or being constrained by a babysitter with a 10pm curfew. I plan for these opportunities regularly.

So…what to do, what to do….

At this point, I’m keeping my mouth shut.  Hun knows about the conversation between Rowdy and Jetsam (Rowdy had asked me a question during it, so I had overheard most of the short conversation by default) and is waiting on Jetsam to call him.  He’s not going to be the one who initiates a conversation with Jetsam on this.  He’s going to wait on Jetsam to be the adult and either ask him for a change in weekends or figure out a way for her children to be feed when they come see her.  He knows I’m not happy about this situation happening (again) and that’s all that matters.

Now….if I could only figure out a way to not stress about this like Hun is apparently able to do and I’d be all set.