I can finally spill the beans!

I am such an awesome parent!!

I have such an awesome daughter – and she deserves it!!

Ok…in some ways, she has some work to do (get those grades up Missy!!)…but in others – she totally rocks!

LaLa came to me a few nights ago to ask me for a very special request.  Remember her Sweet Sixteen birthday party that her dad and I totally sucked on?  We tried and tried to get her to agree to do something, anything, special.  She refused and requested to postpone any party until later. 

Well – apparently later was this week.

One of her friends had the “brilliant” idea that they’d bid on One Direction tickets on Ebay, but didn’t have fundage lined up.  So, LaLa asked me ever so sweetly if I’d be willing to loan my credit card number to the cause.  After all, One Direction is just so dreamy, so wonderful, so cute, so…so…so EVERYTHING to a teenager right now!!  She’ll just die if she doesn’t get to go!!!


Explained how Ebay actually works and checked out the auctions with her and did some searching on my own.  Told her the auction doesn’t end for a couple of days, I’d talk to Hun about it and we’d get back to her.  She wasn’t disappointed, but hopeful that we’d cave into her request.

Talked to Hun and we at first decided she didn’t need the tickets – she’s currently not passing all of her classes.  I thought about it over-night and decided that wasn’t very fair to her.  Her birthday was 2 months ago and she WAS passing her classes at that point.  Just because she couldn’t decide on what she wanted to do THEN didn’t mean we should punish her NOW.  Brought up my concerns to Hun and he agreed that it wasn’t fair and we’d go ahead and buy the tickets for her.

We discussed how we’d go about doing the surprise for her and bought two tickets.  She’d be able to bring a friend, I’d drive them to the outdoor venue, wait in the car while they had a blast at the concert and then drive them home.  I’d introduce them to tailgating at its finest as I wasn’t going to risk waiting in line in traffic, just to go to a concert.

I tentatively asked her the next day how the auction was going for her friend.  She didn’t know, but would get back with me.  I told her that if they were able to get tickets, I’d drive her and all of her friends (with parental permission) in The Beast, we’d hang out for a couple of hours, drinking sodas, snacking on junk food, and general teen debauchery – all in the name of teenage love for One Direction.

The tickets arrived in the mail today – I had them shipped to my work to keep up the ruse of secrecy.  Left them sitting on the dining room table once I got home, out in the open for all to see, and none of the kids bothered picking up the package.  Hehehe!! 

Innocently, I asked LaLa how the auction went for her friend.  She stated she won one of the auctions, but couldn’t figure out how to get the money to pay.  She said it was okay – her mom (LaLa’s mom – Jetsam) wouldn’t let her attend the concert anyway.


CRAP!  I forgot all about Jetsam.  Hun and I didn’t even think about what she would say about her oldest daughter attending a concert.  Full stop in the conversation and I commented to LaLa, “I’m in no way saying that your mom’s opinion doesn’t matter and that you shouldn’t listen to her….but….you might want to talk to your dad about this as well.  She doesn’t always have the final say in things like this.”

Off LaLa went….while I dove for the phone to call Hun.

Hun and I both agreed that Jetsam should be at least informed that we already bought the tickets and that Hun is allowing her to go.  After all, Hun has every bit as much a right to allow his daughter to attend events that he deems okay – just like Jetsam did when the kids lived with her.

He tried to inform Jetsam first, but she didn’t answer the phone.  So….he went ahead and told LaLa about the tickets.  LaLa was first confused, then shocked, then speechless, then excited, and then she couldn’t stand still!!  It was great to see the mixed emotions fly across her face!  I wish I had a video camera to record it….it was great. 

Then Jetsam called back.

Hun informed her of the tickets, the plan and that he had already given LaLa the tickets.  It was obvious from the conversation that Jetsam doesn’t think LaLa is mature enough to deal with a concert like this.  It was also obvious that Jetsam wasn’t happy that Hun and I got the tickets for LaLa.  It was almost like she was jealous that we had done something that she couldn’t – again, we’re buying the child’s love.  I’m sure we’ll hear about it in the future at some point….


LaLa heard the whole conversation between Hun and Jetsam as we were still attempting to help her realize her dream come true.  So she heard Hun saying that LaLa was mature, she was responsible, and she has a good head on her shoulder.  She heard her father stand up for her and that’s just beyond wonderful in my book.  LaLa needs to hear that more often – from all of us – Jetsam included…..I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.

LaLa spent the rest of her night trying to figure out which friend she’s going to invite to go with her.  She’s torn about blurting it out to the world on Facebook and trying to keep it a secret until the friend is locked in for sure.  She doesn’t want to make the other friends jealous since she can only take one…..how horrible of a parent am I that I suggested the ticket go to the highest bidder among her friends?  I was joking of course…..kind of…

She’s on cloud nine right now and so am I for her.