I’m taking a break from the musings about Step-Family life for the moment….

Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings issued a challenge a few weeks ago out into this blogosphere call WordPress and dared us all to submit a writing entry.  The challenge is located here – along with the first 3 groupings of entries.  My entry is located here (the 3rd story down).  No, I’m not going to repost my entry here – I want you to check out everyone else’s entries as well – they all did a wonderful job.

I highly recommend reading all of the entries by all of the talented writers, not just mine.  There will be one more post of entries on Friday, so please check back for the remaining stories.  Don’t forget to check back later as well to vote and find out the winner.

Oh…and the rest of her blog is pretty darn awesome too!

Now, I know I’m going to get questions from a few of you about where my story came from….let me reassure you…

It’s not about YOU!


I promise!

Parts of your characteristics may have been “borrowed”, but the main character isn’t you, the Momma in the story isn’t you and the unknown isn’t you.

Here is where everything came from:

The hoarding aspect was borrowed from the few episodes of “Hoarders” that I have watched.

The overwhelming aspect of being an only-child dealing with the aftermath a parent leaves behind is a compilation of people I have talked to who had to deal with this very thing.

The towering piles of totes came from my parent’s move last summer when all of their things went into storage for a week.  A 10’x20’ storage unit totally filled, back to front, bottom to top, to as high as we could reach over our heads with totes and boxes and they still needed to rent 2 more storage units to fit all of their furniture and other things.  Images of my 6’6” cousin potentially being buried as he’s reaching over his head to put one more box on the pile still makes me squeamish to think about.

The imagery of a parent suffering from dementia comes from not only my Grandma, but every other person I’ve talked to or read about whose own parents have succumbed to this diagnosis.

The idea of a child growing up and never know her (his) father (mother) is very real scenario that plays out in life all too often.  It’s not just limited to step-family life.

So you see – the story wasn’t about you at all.

I hope you enjoyed it anyway.