The time of the school year that every kid dreams about – the year is ¾ of the way done, it’s getting warmer outside, it is staying brighter longer, and there are less than 12 weeks of school remaining – kids can taste summer vacation coming.

I love Spring Break as well.  It is a good marking point in the year for me.  Time to buy the kids summer clothes, an end to the winter blahs, and time to start looking at plants and home projects around the house (yeah, yeah, yeah – I should finish what I’ve already started….whatever – I’ll get to those projects eventually!).

This year, I should really LOVE Spring Break – Hun’s kids are at Jetsam’s house, so our house is peaceful for a whole 7 days….

Or so I thought…..

Last night, as Hun and I were trying to go to sleep, the kids that live next door decided that they needed to have a little March Madness of their own.  At approximately 11:15pm, we realized we were hearing the strangest sound and it was just irregular enough to be waking us up from that point of “not quite asleep, but not quite awake either” point.  Looking out the window, three of the neighbor’s kids were outside playing basketball in the street (between our house and theirs).  They hadn’t been playing long, as we had crawled into bed at 10:45pm and they hadn’t been out there before.

Now, I have 2 fans in my bedroom to create both airflow and white noise to help me sleep.  I’m a light sleeper and most things wake me up or keep me awake without some type of noise to drown out the racket.  Hun has sleep apnea – he sleeps with a c-pap machine that also creates a white noise that helps lull me to sleep.  The noise these kids were making was louder than both of the fans and the c-pap machine combined.

Hun and I laid there trying to decide what to do regarding these kids.  On one hand, we knew they were on Spring Break and their parents probably didn’t know they were out there playing basketball that late (maybe….that family might be a post for another day….), one the other hand, both Hun and I had to be up at around 5:30am for work and there was no telling how long they’d be out there.  I finally decided that I would ask them to stop as we were trying to sleep and the noise was just too distracting for me.

Since I was in my robe and pajamas, I didn’t venture too far out of the house, but instead got their attentions by hollering “Hey!”  Once they stopped bouncing the basketball and looked at me, I said, “I realize that it’s Spring Break, but we have to be at work early tomorrow morning, would you mind stopping please?”

Their response made my blood boil!

“So?  We’re only playing basketball.”


“I realize you’re playing basketball, but the noise is keeping me awake.  I need you to stop.”

“We’re only being kids.”

Disrespectful ones at that!!  GRRH!!!

“Yes, and I’m an adult that has to go to work to pay my bills so I can live in this wonderful house and neighborhood – I need to sleep to do these things.  You need to stop.”

“Mumble….mumble…old person…mumble…mumble…yeah, right, WhatEver lady!”

I saw RED!

I’m smart enough to realize that confronting kids like this and the parents that spawned them is not a good idea.  Back inside the house I go….

I called our city’s non-emergency police number and reported them on curfew violations instead (which begins at 11pm on Sunday nights in our town).  Of course, a few minutes later, the kids either wised up or saw the patrol car coming because they headed back inside their own house pretty quickly after I called the police.  A very short time later I saw the spot light of the patrol car grace the front of our house, so I know they at least drove by.

I spent the next hour in bed, tossing and turning and running scenarios in my head about what I’d LIKE to do to the disrespectful little buggers.  And then I’d alternate into the sad, sorry state of my mind and lament the fact that they called me an old person……

I shouldn’t let stuff like that bother me – after all their momma is at least 10 years older than me….and if she’s not, well then, she didn’t age well…..

So much for my peaceful week!