Before I even began typing this post, I had the name for it.  I’m not sure if that’s sad or revealing.

Rowdy is still the charging bull – the brick wall that he keeps running into doesn’t seem to matter to him, he’s charging full speed ahead anyway.  One of these days, he will learn that doing things over and over again and expecting a different result is the crazy way to live. 

One of the things he brought up to me yesterday is “us kids are nothing more than slave labor to you and Dad!”  Well…okay then…let the games begin!

He went on to say that “all of the chores they (the 4 kids) do are nothing more than to make your (me and Hun’s) life easier!!”  Duh!  Of course!  That’s the only reason parents make their children do chores.  Why else would adults have children but to do chores for us?

Before I go any further, let me list to you the chores that our 4 kids have to do:

  • Wash dishes
  • Put clean dishes away
  • Set the table for dinner
  • Clean off the table after dinner
  • Take trash out
  • Take recycling out
  • Feed/water dogs
  • Wash their own laundry (including the sheets off their beds)
  • Keep their rooms clean (since there are 2 children per room, the work is split among them)
  • Clean house when we say it’s time (which is divided into 4 sections – dusting, moping, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom – 4 kids, 4 sections – they rotate who does what) – which I will admit doesn’t happen near as often as it should.
  • Mow the lawn when it needs it
  • All other jobs we (the parents) need additional help with

Everything listed above is split equally among 4 kids – so this isn’t like the list is set up where ONE child has to do everything every week or even every day.  For example, because there are 6 people in our house, the child that has to wash dishes for the week – that is their only chore (we create a LOT of dishes).  The others will have 2 chores – the child putting the clean dishes away also has to set the dinner table.  Makes sense to me since a lot of time, the clean dishes are in the dishwasher for when the table needs to be set anyway.  Recycling only goes out to the curb once a week, so that child also has to feed/water the dogs twice a day.

This list does not include all of the chores Hun and I do – cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, washing our own cloths, cleaning our own bedroom and bathroom, assisting with all of the above kids’ chores when necessary, doing the above chores when said children are at their other parent’s house, not to mention grocery shopping, paying bills, house repairs, and all of the hundreds of little things that goes into taking care of a household.  And then there is the BIG chore that we do – going to work to make sure we can pay for everything so we can have the PRIVILEGE of “doing chores”.

Of course, Rowdy’s argument was that school is the same as work, which I’ll grant him is similar, but worlds apart.  I offered to trade places with him….that I’d even do ALL of the chores, AND go to school – all he’d have to do is go to work.  His response?

“What makes you think I want to work at your stupid job anyway?”

Fair enough – pick any job you’d like then Rowdy – you aren’t limited to doing just *my* job – but any job anywhere out there in the world.  I’ll still do all of the chores…..

He didn’t have a response to that – oh wait…yes he did….he changed subjects.

As I type this post, Rowdy is sitting on the couch watching TV.  His chores for the week are feeding/watering the dogs and recycling.  These chores take him all of 20 minutes – if that, every single day (this week).  He’s had time to watch TV before school (about 45 minutes), go to school (8 hours), play video games (1 hour), play with the neighbor kids (1 hour), eat dinner (30 minutes), take his shower (15 minutes), and finish up the evening watching TV (over 1 hour).

Oh the humanity!!  Oh the horrors!!  Call Child Protective Services on me – I’m abusing these poor children!!  I’m robbing the pitiful waifs of their childhood!!

{{Huge SIGH}}

I obviously need to crack the whip more.  I’m afraid if I don’t come down harder on these kids (and actually live up to Rowdy’s vision of his life here), I’ll lose my “Evil” card.

We can’t have that now can we?