Yes, I am.

No really, I am.

Quit laughing!!

I’m serious!

Really?  More laughter?

You’re going to make me prove it to you aren’t you?


I’ve been trying to figure out how to solve a small problem I have.  It’s only taken me about 3 months of thinking about this for me to finally come up with the solution.  It was simple….kind of….

My dining room table has a removable leaf that goes to it.  It’s not the wonderful type of table where the leaf is incorporated into the table itself.  My one mistake in buying the table….I had to find a storage location for the darn leaf.

Originally, Hun and I stored the leaf underneath our bed.  Because of our hardwood floors, we had to wrap the leaf up in an old blanket.  As you can imagine, this caused quite the inconvenience for us when we needed to use it – all of 3 times (max) per year – dragging it out from under the bed, unwrapping it, hauling it to the dining room and struggling to install it.  Add in the additional inconvenience of disassembling the table, hauling the leaf back to the bedroom, wrapping it back up and finagling it back under the bed and you can see how much struggle one little leaf was causing in my life.

What?  Lazy?  I’m lazy?  Where did that come from?  Sheesh….

Anyway…back to how I’m a genius….

I don’t have room in any of my closets to store the leaf in one of them, so I started to think about how I could store the leaf underneath the table itself.  I finally went to the big orange box store and talked to one of the sales associates – she had a table very similar to mine (but has a closet for her leaf….lucky!) – and I shared my hairbrai…..uh…I mean….genius idea with her.  By the time we were done pulling supplies off of the shelves, she was in awe of my intellect.  I’m sure she ran right home to convince her husband that they needed to create a similar rigging.

It only took me about an hour worth of work, but I did it.  My table leaf is tucked up neatly underneath my dining room table.

How did I do that?  I’m glad you asked.  Voila!  My creation!!!


$4.00 worth of ratchet straps (2 pairs).

$1.12 cents of fender washers (8 total).

$3.00 worth of wood screws that didn’t work, but free steel screws leftover from another project.

I told you I was a genius!!  Go ahead….tell me how much of a genius I am…

More laughter….really?