Why is it that some people are….just….so….clueless?

Flotsam is one of those people.

I think he does it on purpose.  Why?  Probably to piss me off – or at least I’m sure he views that as a benefit.

For some unknown reason, Flotsam believes that it is my duty to bail him out of his problems. 

For the second time in a month, Flotsam has had to borrow our jumper cables to get his vehicle started after his visitation with Buddy.  The first time, he even needed Hun to provide another vehicle as a source of power to get his vehicle started.  This time, he suckered another passerby into bringing him to my house to beg for the use of the jumper cables again.

He could tell I was less than thrilled to accommodate him.  He was put out that I was put out over his request.  How dare I not jump for joy in wanting to assist him?  After all, he’s asking nicely – what’s my problem?

What’s my problem?  He’s a grown man that relies on everyone else to take care of issues for him!! 

Case in point – how freaking hard is it to go to the store and buy your own set of jumper cables?  Especially since you had to bug your ex-wife’s husband for a jump two weeks prior?  Better yet – how hard is it to get the battery tested and a new one bought?  They aren’t hard to change out – not even for the less-than-mechanically-inclined crowd.  They do not cost that much….well, unless you’re buying batteries for The Mistress that is (she’s expensive!!).

I find it hard to believe that the only time the vehicle is not starting when it’s visitation time with Buddy.  I find it hard to believe that Flotsam only has to borrow jumper cables from ME. 

Even Buddy gets it.  He was the one to comment to his dad, “Maybe you need to get a new battery.”

Flotsam’s response….“That’s a good idea!”

{{rolls eyes}}  Ya Think?

I understand that in the grand scheme called life, this is a minor matter.  That’s why I’m minorly annoyed by it.