Whew!  It’s been a while since I last posted….

I was thinking about the blog earlier today and I had the greatest idea for a post.  It was witty, it was insightful, it was glorious! 

Now I can’t remember what the damn thing was about.

Oh well….I guess you’re going to get some ramblings instead:


Last night, I finally got around to filing paperwork that’s been floating around my house for at least a good year.  Seriously, I filed my 2010 tax return in the proper folder….it has only been on my kitchen table for several months now – where it was before that is anyone’s guess.  In the process of filing, I discovered I had misplaced the binder that I save all documentation from Flotsam in.  15 years worth of documentation was GONE!  To say I was stressed is a bit of an understatement.  Traced my steps as best I could from the last time I remembered seeing it (before January of 2011 if the documents I had to file were any indication) and kept hitting dead ends. 

Finally asked the kids about the binder and Monkey pointed to an object on the shelf under our coffee table; “Is that it?”  Well….duh….it sure is.  I can’t even blame anyone else for it being misplaced.  As soon as I saw it there, I suddenly remembered the step I was missing on how it got there….I put it there myself of course.  Crisis adverted!!


The “Cheap” Car is not so cheap anymore.  After 4 weekends of work and over $800 in parts alone, we have finally given up and taken the thing to a shop to finish the repairs.  The mechanic was instructed to get it to the point of passing our state’s vehicle emission test and repairing any safety concerns we may have missed.  Normally, I would scream at anyone giving a mechanic a blank check like that, but I’ve been with this mechanic for many, many years now and trust him to only fix what needs to be fixed while keeping the cost as low as possible. 

Even Hun has been converted into a believer of our mechanic.  While dropping off The Car for repair, he asked the mechanic about a minor issue regarding his truck.  The mechanic gave several different options for what the problem might be that are easy fixes, just labor intensive based on the different part locations.  Hun thought about it for a moment and uttered words I never thought I would ever hear him say: “I might just bring the truck to you to fix instead of doing the work myself.” 


I told the mechanic in front of Hun that he was spoiling my DIY husband.  They both laughed at me.


This weekend is Buddy’s 15th birthday.  We’ve been thinking about getting him a cell phone of his own.  Since he’s really not ever talked about wanting a phone, we outright asked him if he would want one.  After all, what teenager these days wouldn’t jump at getting a phone?  Especially since we’ve told all of our kids that a phone is not something we will get them just because everyone else has one.  Out of all of the kids, Buddy is the only one that hasn’t begged us to get him a phone.  I figured it was just because he’s listened to us tell the others we’re not buying them one until they can pay for it themselves.  We’ve modified that declaration to the age of 15, simply because we saw a need for LaLa to have one at that age.

Wouldn’t you know it?  Buddy doesn’t want one.  I told you he was different.  Let me clarify that – he only wants a phone if it can play video games on it….I’m not buying him an I-Phone (or anything similar) just because he wants to play games. 

I may get him a phone anyway – but it’ll be a pay-as-you-go phone….just so he can get the experience of having one.  I also think it will help him with reminders and other features that he doesn’t currently have in any other form.  Plus, if he loses or breaks it, I won’t be out of a ton of money or stuck in a contract.

The problem with getting Buddy a phone is Rowdy.  Rowdy is under the mistaken belief that we’re going to get them a phone when they enter high school (since that’s where LaLa was when she turned 15).  Buddy would already be in high school if I hadn’t held him back a year.  So, the pattern would be true, except for that fact.  Rowdy is going to be mad if Buddy gets a phone in 8th grade, while he has to wait until 9th grade.  Hun thinks getting Buddy a phone is a great plan and Rowdy getting bent out of shape over it is just an unfortunate bonus.

Welcome to the evil side Hun.


That’s all the ramblings I have for tonight.  Maybe I’ll remember my awesome post in the near future.  Until next time……